Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to Pretty Flowers and Stuff. . . Sorry, Bubby

Magic Lilies.
They came up in the flower spot I fixed last time we were at Grandma and Granddaddy's. Pretty cool to see these pale, almost pink, almost lavender petals at the tops of leafless stalks. Oh, and the hostas Mother and I transplanted have had a tough month, but the Green Thumb thinks they will be fine next year. The portulacas (rose moss) is spreading, but not as much as the mint! The caladium is still a lovely, velvety magenta and green. I pulled grass, though, 'cause that stuff grew while I was gone, too!

Black Eyed Susans, or at least a domesticated version. Don't know the exact name, but the patch of these is a bright, sunny spot mixed into the biggest flower garden.

Duh moment here. Rose of Sharon? or Hibiscus? If it were one of the brighter, darker hibiscus colors, I probably wouldn't hesitate. Now that I'm sitting here, trying to write quickly, I can't remember which it is!

Seedless grapes growing on the fence of the chicken pen. The ladies (the hens) like for us to stop and eat grapes because they get the skins from most of the grapes. Me, I eat the skins. I love how homegrown grapes have a more velvety skin that storebought ones, so the chickens don't get any scraps from me.

Grape clusters hanging from the top of the chicken pen. Beautiful, and probably safe from my hands, since I don't want to venture in there and have the hens peck at my toes while I try to get the grapes. Yes, I'm a chicken :)

So, I've still got to tell you about the foxes, but I worry Pop and Bubby both when I try to get close enough to get a good picture with my camera. Yeah, great for macro shots is my little Nikon, but not so great in the zoom department. Anyway, I used the flash last night even though I was all the way across the pond from the fox, so I have several very dark landscape shots with bright eyes peering my way. . . but not even a good silhouette of the fox.

Okay, toodles for now! I'll check everyone's blogs tonight. The kiddos are about to mutiny sitting here in the restaurant, so I gots to go for now. Hugs all 'round, Ang


rosebud101 said...

Look at those gorgeous flowers! I call that one flower Hibiscus. Ang, you are not only a fabulous glass artist, you are a great photographer, too.

Deb said...

Beautiful flowers - so much nicer than hairy man legs - lol!
I love the Belladona

The shrub you had the "duh" moment with(lol!) - you are actually right on both counts! The plant you call "Rose of Sharon" (aka - Althea or Rose of Althea) is Hibiscus syriacus.

Cant wait to see & hear about the foxes when you get the chance.

Tasha said...

Hey, Ang! I don't have much time, but it was great getting to see you TWO days in a row. Thanks for the pendant and for stopping by work. TTFN