Thursday, August 28, 2008

Belly Button Humility. . . Don't Giggle (Yet), I Think I'm On To Something

Belly button.
Belly button.
Belly button.

Ha! Bet you can't say it three times without at least thinking you might giggle. My kids and their friends appear to be fascinated with belly buttons. So-and-so has an outie. . . giggle. Grandma says she doesn't have a belly button. . .giggle. Imagine the giggles and howls when they discover that some people pierce their belly buttons and wear jewelry there!

I almost didn't put a belly button on the sculpture in the circle up there, but at the last minute I realized she wouldn't be complete without one. She's a piece inspired by a sculpture that Cindy gets to see on her way to work. To me, that sculpture is a very evocative figure. Without seeing it up close, I imagine my own story for it. I imagine headgear reminiscent of Egyptian queens and African tribes. I imagine a bountiful mother figure representing womankind. I also imagine a few chiropractic visits if she doesn't get the kinks out of her shoulders, but then maybe that's just the weight of the world imposing itself on her.

So, like I said, at the last minute, I picked up my favorite pokey tool and marred my own sculpture's magnificent torso with a belly button. Some days, I make this decision one way or the other with very little thought. This was another day, though, one of those days when I thought about the implications of belly buttons before branding the sculpture a mortal and not a goddess of creation who would not require a belly button. This substantial woman, regal though she be, is mortal, a mere human.

Mere human. . .therein lies the humility. Don't think I ever before thought about a belly button in terms of symbolizing humility. It does, though! Think about it. We all have one, no exceptions, no inherent social status for those who do or don't. Every human being has one, period (unless you are Adam or Eve, but I think that was before our time). This thought is nothing new to the world, just fresh for me today.

Giggle. . . ever hear someone snidely remark that someone else wasn't doing anything except "sitting there contemplating his/her navel"? Wonder if the friends of the ancient philosophers ever muttered that about Aristotle or Plato or Socrates?


Linda said...

My father HATES belly buttons. The actual belly button, saying the word belly button.....looking at them even freaks him out! When we were younger, my sister and I loved to tease him about it. Out of the blue we would say...Hey, Dad look...and touch our belly buttons!! Not all the thing however....he really would get very mad.
What happened in his childhood?? He doesn't even know.
:) Linda

Bubbyanne said...

LOL Belly buttons are funny things. I love kids belly buttons and your sculpture looks like it has a cute one.

Funny story about my dad, who's sense of humor is a bit twisted.
He is a vietnam vet who was injured by a bullet to the knee, he kept his leg but it is fused straight and now walks with a significant limp.
One day when I was really little he showed me the scar above his knee from the bullet and told me how it got there then proceeded to tell me his belly button was another bullet wound. I half believed him, not really sure if he was serious and thinking he was full of it at the same time. For a while I told my friends my belly button was a bullet wound. I'm sure they thought I was weird and I was but can you blame me with a dad like that? LOL!!!

Profusion said...

You know, I were just thinking about this the other day. Should I make a belly button on my angels? I suppose a real angel is created, not born, but then the angels of people who have died might have one? Or perhaps the spirit that leaves the body does not? Hmm ... I could get confused thinking too much about that.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

What fun to contemplate navels... now think on this dear friends... why are our navels so pronounced? My dog's navel is barely a tiny spot on his smooth belly... his birth was natural and no surgeon snipped his cord, the mother dog crabbed it with her teeth and bit it off, giving him a shake in the process... so why is his so nicely smooth and mine such a hole??? I wonder what a whale's belly button looks like? They must have them... they are mammals just like us... tis a puzzle indeed... thanks for make some neurons fire in my brain that hadn't in a while...

rosebud101 said...

I've never thought of belly buttons this way. It would be fun in a serious situation to look at someone and think, "They have a belly button, too." It might lighten things up.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

You're right - I can't say it 3 times without laughing. I wonder if mine needs decoration. Like new paint and tires or something.

May I add you to list of blogging friends? And how the heck did I miss your blog for so long.

ellen said...

Leave it to Elaine to wonder about a whale's belly button. ha!

angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, I don't know about new paint or anything, but I am definitely beginning to sport that middle-age-spare-tire look *rolling my eyes at the thought that I just admitted that to the whole world*

Of course, you can add me, Sharon :) I'd be honored!

Now, the whale belly buttons and the angel belly buttons, those are definitely questions to ponder... and Linda and BubbyAnne's stories are definitely ones to make ya smile. (I was a gullible child, too, BubbyAnne. My dad convinced me that the white stripe at the side of the road was how they marked the motorcycle lane!)

Mallory, that's it-- the idea that no matter how different we think someone is from ourselves, they are just a human being.

Deb said...

What a fabulous belly button & a thought provoking post!

I need to keep more current with the blogs - I've been remiss over the last few days.

I'm sitting here giggling away thinking about the only person who has contemplated my navel - lol!
Gotta say that I'm pleased it was the guy who pierced it & not you with ya pokey tool Ang! ;o)

buttoneer said...

How weird to for a man to hate belly buttons! I LOVE female belly buttons and think they're one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body. A woman in a bikini would look odd without one. They're cute and sexy and great to look at, touch and play with.

And the word "belly button" is a sexy sound in itself.