Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bit of a Blast of Balloon Color to Start Sunday!

You saw this one the other day, but the picture wasn't taken in the bright morning light like this time. Kate calls this one "The '70's Balloon." If I actually bothered to read our local fish wrapper/bird cage liner, instead of just tossing it onto Ricky's counter, I would have the Balloon Fest guide in front of me and be able to tell you the real name of each of these balloons. For now, I think The '70's Balloon will work :)

Check it out, Bubby. Yep, that would be a Dodge Ram symbol on this silky red balloon! We missed the balloons all the way around yesterday, but this morning when I stepped out onto the deck I saw them coming rising over the trees and heading in our direction. How wonderful to awaken to the promise of a multitude of colorful splashes of silk floating your way. Spotting them as they left the Centralia city limits, we strolled around the yard and waited to see which direction the wind would carry them.

Grabbed some sweatshirts for the kids, coffee for me, and headed out in the car to see how close we could get to some balloons. Smiles and waves from James and Kate were answered by the same from the pilots in this balloon as it floated over the edge of a cornfield and lowered close to the tops of the soybeans in this field.

We waved goodbye and headed on down the road in search of more balloons. James' favorite was the Pepsi can balloon, and we watched as it flew right in front of us.

More pics next time. Right now, gotta fry the bacon, scramble the eggs, and make the sugar toast.


belinda said...

Wow! I love hot air balloons and those are so bright and colorful.

ellen said...

Way cool pics. Sugar toast?

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks :)

Ellen, it's like cinnamon toast but no cinnamon. Just one of those things my mom always made when I was kid. I made it one day for my two, and it has been on the menu here ever since.

rosebud101 said...

What a way to wake up to all that color floating in the air! Glad you were able to get so close! BTW, I love cinnamon toast, only I do like the cinnamon on it!