Saturday, August 30, 2008

Childhood. Late Summer Afternoon. Any Year. Any Place.

Maybe it's because I know the boys that are attached to the hands in the picture, maybe it's because I was so engrossed in watching them try to catch the frog, maybe it's because my decaffeinated brain is still foggy, but I think this picture is timeless (well, except for the end of the light saber pointing to the late twentieth/early twentyfirst century).

The coffee is slowly seeping towards my brain as I write this, and I'm still enchanted with this picture that I had no idea would turn out, let alone turn out to be one that speaks to me.

I have to tell you I did feel sorry for the frog, but the fright was inflicted with the very first grab that caught it. . .and, yet, the frog later jumped vigorously away from all those grubby human hands, so I'm guessing no harm done.

After noisily (i.e. lots of arguments between the girls and the boys over who was next) taking turns throwing the boomerang yesterday afternoon, the gang of curtain climbers got newly distracted by locust shells. I helped them pluck dozens of empty shells off the trees, and Justin is now the proud owner of one that hadn't cracked open yet. . .I'm not so sure how his parents are going to feel about a big bug like that emerging inside the house later, but that will surely be another story!

Anyway, as the locust shell collecting fervor was fading, Dylan remembered that he'd seen a frog near the lawn chairs last time he and Justin visited. The hunt was on! First, it was just me and Dylan, searching the rocks for movement, but then Katie and Angel joined. Justin, all boy that he is, jumped into the fray, and James, squeamish but curious, had to come see what all the fuss was.

Then, we spotted the frog. Oh, lawdy, lawdy! What a furious explosion of little hands trying to catch that frog! My suggestions of "Let's be quiet and see where he goes" and "Hey, you'll squish him" were nothing more than the annoying buzzing of a darn fly around their ears, I can tell you that. Whether it was the luck of the pluck, or whether no one else was brave enough to touch it, I don't know for sure, but Dylan and Justin were the ones who finally ended up holding the frog. Katie took off running, not because she was scared, but because she wanted to find a bucket for the frog's new home.

She did. Frog went in. Frog immediately jumped out. End of that endeavor.

When Dylan and Justin's dad arrived, the boys were still talking about taking that frog home with them :)


Deb said...

What an absolutely priceless photo Ang!
It's fabulous & you were so very fortunate to capture it! I love the story that goes with it, I do wish we got frogs in gardens here - I adore those little creatures.

rosebud101 said...

Ang, what a great memory you've capture on film for them. It's a keeper!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Frog, empty bug shells, no lightening bugs? A perfect summer day... what great memories this picture is going to bring to mind years from now...what a great Mom you are...

ellen said...

Oh, boy, does that picture take me back. There was a house around the corner when I was a kid that had millions of tiny, tiny frogs on the side porch. Now there's a challenge!