Monday, August 4, 2008

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. . .What'll You Have This Fine Monday Morning?

Gimme half the coffee and all the sugar this Monday morning! Don't worry, I'll catch up on the caffeine later, gives me an excuse for an extra cuppa.

Gimme, gimme, gimme. . . not the greedy stuff of collecting stuff and things and more than you can find space to display, that's not what I'm talking about this a.m. Nope, I'm talking about all the little personal satisfactions that are hard to grasp but are very real. You know, the ones that leave you grinning like the CEO who just purchased a yacht and wrote it off as a business expense. You know, the little satisfactions that may or may not be acceptable to discuss aloud, but even whispering them to someone else makes your feet tap and dance. Right, you're getting the idea. . . they aren't necessarily bad things(well, the CEO's yacht is, but how many of us can even afford to be tempted that way?), but they make you feel so disproportionately happy and smug that you almost feel guilty about enjoying them. For instance, there's nothing bad about finding and buying a brand new shirt with the original tags still on it in the thrift store. . . but the feeling of satisfaction is way more than the $5 you just saved on a shirt that isn't the color you would've chosen if you'd been in the regular store (heck, you're not crazy about the cut of the neckline, either, but what a steal!).

So, in that frame of mind, I'm gonna give you my list of gimme's this morning. Gimme yours, too! We all like to compare Cheshire grins, $5 victories, and serendipitous gifts.

  • Gimme all the sugar and half the coffee on a lazy, almost-the-end of summer Monday morning.
  • Gimme train signals that don't come on until after I've crossed and am on my way home with the ice cream that is slowly melting in the grocery bag. (Yes, I live in a world where trains chug along with at least fifty railroad cars behind them, lots of times more. I also live in a world where no one ever thought it necessary to build more than one overpass and underpass to get around those trains, and those "get-arounds" are in the slightly bigger town where we shop, not here in Irvington, population 800.)
  • Gimme an old-fashioned water fountain just when the kids are thirstiest and I don't have any change in my pocket for a bottle of water or soda or juice at the convenience store. Not having to break that twenty dollar bill just keeps me from spending it all. . . you know, once you have change, it's easier to spend a dollar here for a candy bar, five or ten dollars there for lunch in town instead of going home and making your own. Before you know it, your spending cash has dwindled back down to that fifty-seven cents that wasn't enough to buy that bottle of water ;)
  • If ya gotta gimme a spill of something on the newly mopped floor, at least gimme diet soda and not chocolate milk. (Ever notice that fake sugar isn't as sticky to clean up as the real stuff?)
  • Gimme a glimpse of three foxes playing in the daylight, just at the edge of the cornfield. Did I ever tell you about seeing those the last time we were at my mom and dad's? Grandma wasn't too thrilled with them being brave and coming out that close to the house in broad daylight, but then she does like her one noisy guinea fowl who has survived all this time. But me? I was intrigued at this glimpse of fox cubs playing. . .an exquisite gift of a glimpse "inside" from Mother Nature.
  • Gimme a dark, rainy summer afternoon without dangerous winds. Another rare gift from Mother Nature. (Oh, and if Nature happens to be reading the internet, then *hint, hint*! We could use one of those afternoons around here right about now!)
  • Gimme a cat who waits until she's in the grass where you don't usually walk barefoot before she hacks up whatever that invisible hairball stuff is that cats have a knack for puking up in front of you.
  • Gimme a hug and a "Thank you, Mommy" from the pseudo-teenager who's smart mouth and roll-her-eyes attitude is a bit much to take from a 6 year old. . . it's nice to know she's still a little girl, even if her attitude is that of a big girl :)
  • Gimme bacon, not sausage. I'm just saying. Bacon is perfect with toast or pancakes or eggs or even a plain slice of bread. Sausage, not so versatile, according to my taste buds. Your taste buds may not agree.
  • Gimme cake donuts without icing. Once again, I'm just saying. It's a rare find, but oh, man, soooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood.
  • Gimme an unexpected yard sale in a an expensive neighborhood where all the kids are just a year older (i.e., one size larger) than my kiddos. This would be a very welcome gimme right about now, since I truly don't see the point in buying new school clothes while the temperature outside is still hovering in the sweat-like-a-pig range. Of course, pigs don't sweat, that's why they coat themselves in mud to cool down. (I never did understand that saying. . . but then I also don't like watching cartoon animals who are supposed to be male but have udders). Back to the back-to-school clothes. The way these guys grow in spurts, what sense does it make to buy all their new jeans in August? They'll be wearing shorts until halfway into October, and they could be a couple inches taller by then.
  • Oh, almost forgot about the picture at the top. . .Gimme a cool poseable hand model when I didn't even know they existed. While you're at it, make it a right hand. I'm a rightie, so I can look at my own left hand for a model, for pete's sake. Isn't that cool? I had no idea they made those, but then, I've led a sheltered life. Gotta tell ya, though, finding that at the bookstore, of all places, was one of those "gimme" satisfaction moments :)

So. What'll you have today? Got any gimme's?


ellen said...

Wow, you've been busy thinking up your "gimme" list, haven't you?
I guess my very first gimme would be some time with my son; face to face, in the flesh. It's been way too long.
Please, give me freedom from those dang walkie-talkie cell phones. When I hear them beep in the grocery store, the disembodied voice makes me think about committing homicide.
Give me dreams of my best friend, Sue, who died many years ago. I miss her so.
Give me a really good fitting, flattering t-shirt.
I'm sure I'll think of more but that's it for now.

angelinabeadalina said...

Ellen, I have a longstanding request in with the powers that be to please, please, relocate Indiana so that I can get to Kentucky to see my parents without driving so far. In fact, this would work to the advantage of Mari, too, since she lives around the road from my parents but her mom lives near Chicago. Howzabout I add a request to shrink the Atlantic or maybe plunk the British Isles down in the middle of one of the Great Lakes? At least, I think it's you who's son is in England...if I got the place wrong, you still know the thought is there. I wish you the chance to spend lots of little everyday moments with your son. Those are the best. Here's to good dreams of times with those who are no longer here, too. Hugs, Ang

Tasha said...

Let's see:

*Gimme a long night of rain just loud enough to lull me to sleep.
*Gimme the metabolism I had in my younger days...yep, you can tell I'm a Greer just by looking at me these days.
*Gimme a whole evening in the studio to play without someone asking help with whatever they think is more important than glass (anything from lego catastrophes to needing a dallas cowboys logo painted on cornhole boards by the next morning).
*Gimme a cousin who lives in southern indiana rather than 1,000,000 miles away. That would at least be fairly close.
*Gimme fresh corn from the garden

rosebud101 said...

Gimme a chance to watch Angelina Beadalina make a bead or sculpture.
That would be awesome!

Deb said...

Ang - now I can sympathise with the 6 year old attitude - to an extent, a rather large extent. I love that the hugs & sometimes even the tears let us know that they really are still our babies.

My list right now would be quite l-o-n-g. But the first & most important thing on it would be
*Gimme the chance to somehow meet in reality, the beautiful talented lampworking friends I have met online.
....oh & a self cleaning house!