Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Glass, Paper, Whatever It Might Be. . . Here's a Reminder

Yep, friendly reminder for the day, as I sit here looking at my daughter's eyes and Batman's chiseled five o'clock shadow, when you are learning something, you can not compare your progress to anyone else's. You have to concentrate on looking for the ways you've grown from attempt to attempt!

You've heard it before, and so have I, there is always someone whose skills are worse and always someone whose skills are better. If you focus your mind on looking for examples of those who are far behind you, then you won't be putting energy into growing your own skills. Your skills will stagnate, maybe even regress, if you don't practice, practice, practice. . .and also try to do a little bit of grow, grow, grow.

On the other hand, if all you see when you look around you are examples of people who can do it sooooooooo much better than you, you'll stunt your own I-can-do-it muscle!

Time and time again, cliche and cliche again, it hits me, this idea that to survive you have to focus on watching your own progress and separating that time/growth line from the time/growth lines of other people whose progress interests you. I learned to do this with glass a long time ago, and there is great joy for me in watching how everyone grows bit by bit. Now, I gotta remind myself of this principle, seeing as how shading and lighting and smudging and all those other little things to do with pencil and paper are teasing me. I will finish the five o'clock shadow toddler portrait, whether I figure out how to fix the chin shading/shaping or whether I end up erasing a hole through the paper (not an easy feat, considering the very soft kneaded eraser and the very tough paper in the sketchbook!).


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Oh Angi... it's a wonderful sketch... want to stretch... do one 'unleaded'... that means... no pencil... ink only... don't erase ... boy will that grow your sketching ability...

Enjoy the paper... it won't burn you like hot glass will :LOL

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, I'll try it unleaded! That hot glass is back in my sights, though, because the kiddos go to school all day tomorrow :) I hear some soft glass calling my name because I'll be able to work uninterrupted for a long stretch at a time, and *sigh* I do like that boro stuff, too!