Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Spy with My Little Blue Eye. . .

I spy with my little blue eye quite a few things. For instance, apparently while my husband was flying back from Australia and gaining a day, I lost the very same day! Where the heck did Saturday go? Seems you've all been busy, too, so I'll be catching up on all the good reads in the blog list to your left in just a bit. In the meantime, here's a wee list of things I've spied in the last day or so:

  • at least three very prominent gray hairs in my bangs! Damn, why is that you can smooth down regular hair with those "make your hair so shiny and smooth that it reflects light like a stainless steel pan" hair spritzs but gray hair can't be held down with anything less than two inches of shellac? Gray hair is no biggie, just adds some highlights and ensures no one will ever card me again (as if they wouldn't notice the wrinkles around the eyes or the dumpy middle age body *if* it weren't for those three stray gray hairs that won't lay down!). And, before my sister or brother chime in, YES, I do realize that I have hundreds more gray hairs besides those three that like to do the samba across my forehead.
  • a house full of peeps who all want a turn on my laptop! Did I ever have more than five minutes online yesterday before someone was asking for a turn? Nope. With the desktop dinosaur dead for all intents and purposes (Deb, I am still amazed that you fix your own computer problems!), the Mommy's laptop is a coveted thing. James needed his Star Wars video fix. Katie wanted to feed her WebKinz and make sure they were wearing cool outfits. My brother-in-law needed to check his email. The teenager (aka the nephew Tanner) had pressing matters in his in-box, too. Of course, Victoria had to show Katie and James the way her WebKinz' rooms have been decorated.
  • a video of my husband falling out of an airplane-- on purpose! Why? I mean, seriously, why would you not forfeit your $100 deposit and hop your ass right back into the rental car as soon as you see the "first aid kit" prominently displayed in the skydiving shop?? Oh, did I mention what the first aid kit consists of? A shovel. Yeah, that's it. Don't have much use for band-aids when you splat the ground from 14,000 feet. Your friends might want a shovel so they can dig you out and send you back home in a box, though.
  • at least one presidential candidate whose choice for running mate failed to meet my new criteria for world leaders! Don't worry, I'm not off on a political rant. This is more of an affirmation of those 1970's sentiments about "if a woman ruled the world." We need a woman in office! No joke. Just think about it from an everyday life perspective. Women are the ones who make sure everyone plays nice. Just imagine if a mom was the leader. "What? You scratched your brother because he wouldn't share world resources? Shame on you. Go give him a hug, and don't let me see you do that again, little missy." "You did what to your sister? Oh, son, I am so ashamed to hear that you thought it would be okay to send your troops across the border to raid her villages. Go to your room and stay there until you can play like a civilized nation. We don't use armed forces for no good reason in this house, young man." It's not just moms who make sure everyone plays nice and no one gets hurt, either. It's practically every human being over the age of twenty who has two X chromosomes. (We won't try to fit sniping teenage girls into this picture, as an uncomfortable percentage of them clearly tend to fall into the ranks of wannabe dictators who would just as soon ban Crocs as footwear and impose text messaging as the official language *wink*). Do you know how many women I've known in my life who weren't mothers but who nurtured everyone around them? Okay, so "nurture" might not be the exact word for the times Anna Catherine Mattingly made us fifth graders practice walking up and down the stairs until we didn't sound like a herd of elephants. . .but it was a part of making sure we would eventually grow up to be civilized adults who would know better than to tromp leaden footed across the graduation stage or to blow spitballs across the conference table in the middle of an important consultation with the company's best client.
  • brand new boxes of Crayolas for 25 cents! Oh, you know I had to go back to the dreaded Wal-Mart to get some of those back-to-school specials for the stash at home! At a mere quarter for a 24 box, who can resist an extra box or two? As I get older, I get better at not being wasteful, but I cannot lie-- I'd rather chew my toenails off after accidentally walking through unidentified poo in the backyard than use a broken crayon with no point and half the wrapper peeled off.
And that's it for today. Here it is, already practically noon, and I guess I'd better think about corralling all the stray glasses and spoons floating here and there. Toodles.

P.S. Cindy, the Desert Traveler didn't come from a dream, more like from that meditative trance that comes as I melt dark ivory uninterrupted, LOL. She isn't in my Etsy just yet because I think she's waiting for me to do something more with her, not just put her on a stand by herself. Dang stubborn glass!


rosebud101 said...

Interesting day, Ang! I agree with you about the crayons. I'm going to Wal-Mart later. Thanks for telling me.

Deb said...

Oh my - you can get crayons THAT cheap???
We'd never see them for under $5.00 -lol!

My advice - Ignore the greys, hide the laptop & pretend you didn't see the video (I mean why would anyone - I just had a chat about that exact thing with someone last week!lol!).
Oh & everyone needs a woman in office - but then I would say that, or Prime Minister is female....well for now anyway.

Deb said...

ROFL! Best I rephrase that - I meant that our Prime Minister is in Parliment for now anyway (election later this year)...not that she is a female for now anyway....although, there have been some questions about that too...... ;o)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Crayons... missed them entirely when I was at Wally world buying.. a portable BBQ grill for a picnic next weekend... I love the smell of crayons..
I can't believe you let your DH jump out of a perfectly good airplane... the man has children in GRAMMAR school... OMG... what's he doing in Austrailia anyway... obviously no adult supervision down there LOL

angelinabeadalina said...

$5 for a pack of Crayolas?? Sheesh! Want me to send you some, Deb? Did you get some, Mallory?

Now, as for the skydiving, let me just say this-- the man is a stubborn hardhead who is convinced that the laws of physics (i.e. gravity!) don't really apply to him if he's careful. Good grief, he also rides a motorcycle without a helmet (but thank goodness, he hasn't had time to do any bike riding since about the time the kids were born) and refuses to wear his seatbelt until he gets onto the interstate. I decided a looooong time ago that to keep my sanity, I'll just make sure his close friend who sells Prudential insurance keeps tabs on the man's life insurance and increases it when possible, LOL. He went to Australia for a work assignment, though, so he didn't have time to try too many daredevil sports!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the P.S. Angela :-) Dark ivory can put you in a meditative state can't it? It's aggravating when the glass insists on something such as doing more with it! LOL! Always nice to know more about your work - thanks! :-)