Wednesday, August 6, 2008

May the Farts Be with You. . .It's Truly a Boys' World Here Today

Well, the explosion of Star Wars fun left bits and pieces scattered all over the house. When James, Jacob, and Tyler tired of light saber battles, I got out the markers, crayons, and some paper plates for an art break. While the girls were still busy playing house, the boys and I were drawing Star Wars characters. So, this Yoda mask was my sole creative endeavor yesterday. . .I swear, he looked like Yoda to me when I was drawing him, but this morning he seems to have morphed into some sort of Yoda wannabe ;)

Anyway, Tyler went home, Kate joined Sarah and family for Pizza Hut and more play until dark, and Jacob ended up spending the night. The boys were itching to use my computer this morning, so what did I hear soon after they opened the laptop? Giggles, lots of giggles! The source of all those giggles and knee-slaps? Yoda farting. I kid you not. Fart Wars. Yoda Farts. Videos in slightly poor taste, but with a certain adolescent appeal, ya know-- so here ya go:

Yoda Farts

Fart Wars

Duel of the Farts III

I have no doubt but what my little brother just clicked on all those links! (Let me reassure the moms and grandmas, though, I was peeking over the boys' shoulders and ran them off of youtube before their surfing took any truly bad turns. )

Gotta run. Gotta check on the Jedi knights. They just went outside to jump puddles left from the rain last night. Just so they aren't jumping off the cars to do so, all is well. . .but you just never know with little boys :)


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...


I want rain puddles to play in.

Cool mask by the way. Uhhm, Brad would like one. LOL

Have fun today!!

Deb said...

Still looks like Yoda to me sweety!

And the Farts Wars vids - well I hate to admit it but I clicked on & watched each too - lol!

Oh yeah - boys will be boys & farts will always amuse - lol! Love it!

ellen said...

Jedi farting!!! Almost as much fun as my remote controlled fart machine.

rosebud101 said...

Even certain 29 year old boys were chuckling as I watched the video. When they come home to visit mom, they find out they can come home again!

angelinabeadalina said...

A remote control fart machine? Oh, man, that has so many possibilities for some really good pranks! Glad to assist everyone with entertainment today :) Hey, they were some funny videos. It's just that until I was in probably 5th or 6th grade, I thought *the* f-word was fart because my mom always had a fit if my dad said "fart". Grandma has bought these youngens almost everything under the sun, but you should have seen the look on her face when she ran across the book "Walter the Farting Dog", LOL. Anyway, did you guys happen to notice all the other Star Wars videos?? I tell ya, I gotta go back when the kids aren't listening and find that one titled something like "What Yoda Would Say During Sex"...

Deb said...

ROFL Ang - I saw the other vids & thought I'd have a look later also.
Bet I can guess what Yoda would say during sex though (he thinks the same way I do -lol!)...."Do, or Do not - there is no try!"......perhaps we should be specualting on Obi Wan would say "May the force be with you" ;o)

Parrott Flameworks said...

I followed your link from LE. I had to check out fart wars...because, as I've said, I'm still in 4th grade at heart.
My son Tyler, who is 16 STILL talks non stop Star Wars. And, yes, I own the book Walter the Farting Dog!! lol