Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh, Details, Schmeeetails, Mom!

School let out at 3:10 yesterday.

First full day of school. No homework.

As expected, Kate had hatched plans to go to Sarah's house. Sarah had hatched plans to come to our house. When I asked Liz if she just wanted to trade daughters for the afternoon, the girls decided they could both come to our house this time. James took off out the door, racing to catch Dylan and invite him to come play.

So, with the boys camped out in one room discussing Star Wars and snacking on cold pizza and with the girls camped out in another room with their cold pizza, I started doing what all moms feel obligated to do-- snooping and trying to get answers about how the school day went!

Here's your background information, in case you are like me and remember the days when the teacher didn't warn you about impending doom when you were misbehaving. Talked while the teacher was talking, did you? 100 sentences. Flew an airplane across the classroom, made eye contact with the teacher, and realized at that moment that you indeed had not invented an invisible airplane, did you? Principal's office, take the paddle with you since writing those sentences didn't drum any sense into your head. (Remember, I was a teacher's pet who didn't get caught, so these examples are courtesy of 8 years of elementary school with a full complement of boys, boys whom we shall say were not exactly mature enough to understand the finer points of getting away with mischief.) Anyway, these days, teachers must rely on the old standby of stern looks but without the old standby of paddling. . . Instead of the threat of an oversized, engraved wooden paddle hanging from the edge of the chalkboard, today's kids get a card chart. Your card starts out as a smiley face or good color, but if you sass the teacher or forget that you aren't supposed to sneak toys into your shirt pocket and play with them while copying this week's spelling words, then YOU GET A CARD FLIPPED. The more times you get your card flipped to progressively "worse" colors, the bigger trouble you are going to have when Mom finds out at the end of the day.

So, here are the results of my snooping about the first full day in Mrs. Bradham's first and second grade classroom:

Me: How was school today, girls? Anybody get any cards flipped?
Kate: Not me.
Sarah: Uh-uh, me neither.
Kate: Actually, everyone was good. Nobody got cards flipped.

Me: Hey, boys, you didn't get any cards flipped did you?
James: Not me.
Dylan: No.

Me (on the phone to Grandma a few hours later): Yep, they had a good day. No cards flipped.
James (whispering in the background): Mom! Nobody got cards flipped! That's because the cards aren't out yet. That doesn't start until tomorrow.

Details, schmeeetails!


Deb said...

Hmmm - now that brings back!

Minor details Mom - why is it they never actually tell us the details BTW.

rosebud101 said...

How cute is that! I remember the days!

ellen said...

ooooo, the cards start tomorrow. Now we'll separate the mice from the men!!! Or maybe the girls from the boys.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Hum??? They didn't paddle me in first grade... but I did have my desk moved into the hall to sit by myself because I couldn't be quiet.. (still can't LOL).. would have been fine if I'd been an only child... but my big brother walked by and ratted me out to Mom.. then I got paddled good for not paying attention and being quiet... I got better at writing notes real quick :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anfaye where you at today , oh I know your at school for card flipping . Do you still need my helmet ? To hide your face into the princable's office . I need a laugh so where you at ?

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Bubby, don't know about any cards getting flipped today... I was just gone because my silly laptop wouldn't come on. Don't know why it does that, but when it does, then I have to let the battery run all the way down before I can get it to come on. Anyway, I'm supposed to be bringing friends home with both kiddos after school, so there are bound to be more stories coming later this evening! Toodles for now, Ang