Saturday, August 2, 2008

Small Town Bakery, Small Town Smiles...P.S. Any Idea What a "Toad in a Hole" Is??

Here are my children, happily entertaining the waitresses at The Bakery Nook in Greenville, Illinois. What a great little breakfast place that turned out to be! We sat on the swingy chairs at the high counter next to the donut case. For those of you who can't resist a bakery display, James and Kate chose saucer size sugar cookies decorated with smiley faces, and I had part of one of those twisty donuts coated with the crystals of sugar that fall off in your lap as soon as you touch the donut. I say "part of" because my daughter took a single bite out of the forehead of her smiley cookie, eyed my extremely yummy donut, and then proposed that we switch! Eh-eh, kiddo, not giving up my donut, but I'll share. "Sharing" being an interesting term when it involves me, Kate, and a donut. . .it was a free for all to see who could grab the "biggest half." So, our recommendation would be to look at all the different faces on the smileys and then proceed directly to the donuts :)

Yummmm! Donuts, milk, and a huge side of friendly conversation. These young ladies were apparently in college, one being a nursing student, even though looked young enough to still be asking when they can take the driving test and get their permit ;) They talked Hannah Montana with Katie and tried to get James to talk to them. My seven year old still lives by the creed that "Boys rule. Girls drool." These girls get a few extra points for actually getting him to join in the conversation!

Besides talking Hannah Montana and swinging around and around incessantly in those cool chairs, the kids also begged a quarter or two for the gumball machine. You know those little bouncy rubber balls that you get for a quarter? Yep, the ones that'll bounce from the floor to the ceiling for what seems like at least ten times before careening off the most delicate piece of furniture in the room? I managed to get out of the bakery without the kids bouncing them inside, but one took off down the sidewalk and part way into the (thankfully) quiet street before I could catch it.

Here's James, climbing the ledge outside the building. . .oh, heck, I would've jumped on it as soon as I could when I was a kid. Can you read part of the sign? The building does have a turret, very lovely but hard to photograph from the sidewalk underneath it. Someday, we'll have to stop in Greenville again and take some pictures downtown.

Someday, we'll *have* to stop in a the Bakery Nook again and find out the answer to the question that has been burning a hole in my cook's brain ever since I got home and read the menu the girls gave us. I could decipher "Eggstraordinaire," "Ooo Laa Laa French Toast," and even "Hobo Hashbrowns," but what in the heck is a "Toad in a Hole"??


Deb said...

What an awesomely cool breakfast - it's looks such fun!
Now Miss Kate would get on famously with Miss Gabriela - Hannah Montana rocks her world too.
Daily I am inundated by facts that I really don't need to know about Miley Cyrus - but hey that's part of being a Mum.
Ahhh toad in the Hole - it's a British dish, have no idea quite how it originated - but basically it's sausages baked in a yorkshire pudding batter & served with gravy. Any the wiser??? lol!

Yorkshire pudding is not a sweet thing - the batter is a light savory one that puffs up something like profiteroles. Yorkshire puds are cooked in something like a cup cake pan & served individually with a Traditional English Roast Beef Dinner....oh good grief I could end up going on forever!

Suffice to say my Mum's a pom - lol!

angelinabeadalina said...

Sweet niblets! Gabriela knows her Miley Cyrus stuff,too, huh? Ricky is always rearranging names, song lyrics, anything to be goofy, and he has hit upon something that drives Katie up a wall-- when he gets home from work, he'll ask her if she's watched Hannah Banana yet today. Drives her up a wall. Ya don't mess with Hannah fans :)

I don't think I've ever had Yorkshire pudding, but the way you describe it sounds delicious!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Now you have me hungry. It's bad enough that it is dinner time and nobody has a clue about what we are actually going to have for dinner. LOL

Okay, a 'toad in a hole'. My guess is an egg fried in a hole made in bread/toast. I could be way off as well. LOL Okay, just read the comments and I was way off. LOL


p.s. you guys are way to clever for me - your guesses are pretty good on the word thing.

rosebud101 said...

Now, I thought a Toad in the Hole was an egg that was friend in the center of a cut out hole of bread. I never thought of Yorkshire pudding! That sounds good too. All in all, Ang, the truth is that the donut sounded the best of all!

ellen said...

Ooooo, you shared your donut. See now, that's something I just never did. I've always felt that sharing was over-rated.
Obviously, you're a much better mom than I was; maybe your kids won't grow up and move to England like mine.

Deb said...
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Deb said...

I agee about the donut - we don't really get donuts here like you guys do *pout*.

Mich & Mallory got me confused with a new "toad in the hole" concoction -
as after I had posted I had thoughts about that & how it could be something completely different elsewhere, So I had a wee 'google' (now a wise person would do that before hand -lol) - this is what I found thanks to dear old Wiki:

"Toad in the hole also happens to be what many on the West Coast of the United States name the dish of a fried egg in a hole carved into a slice of bread, which originated in England, most commonly referred to there as Eggy in the basket" - ROFL - now that's a nice mature name you'd just love to see on a menu ;o

angelinabeadalina said...

Wow! We were gone all day, looking at houses and then going to the bookstore while we were over in that direction (told ya, we live in the boonies when it comes to shopping). Anyway, after everyone else was snoozing away, I came online and got hungry reading all the toad in a hole comments :) Seriously, you salvaged my mood after a completely frustrating day of house hunting. Thanks!