Monday, September 15, 2008

Argh, Argh, and Double Argh!

  • Argh, technology makes me crazy! We have been putting off the whole dead desktop computer issue for a few months now. My husband decided sometime last winter that I should become the "tech person" of the household, since I can find my way around the internet so much more quickly than he can. Umm, that might make sense, if we weren't talking about ME. I am the person who can look at a piece of equipment and automatically send it don't-work-right vibes. I am the person who continually has these problems involving simple things like how to find the "on" switch...on ANYTHING. Ummm, yeah, this whole Angie-as-the-fix-it-woman thing just might be stretching things a wee bit. Really, just because I can drive the car faster than him, that doesn't mean the DH wants me to start being the mechanic, now does it? Okay, same thing goes for the computer schtuff.

  • Argh, I miss my fast car! Okay, sorry, but making that analogy about driving fast just slapped me upside the head with an urge to bury the accelerator on a curving road...seriously, I grew up in Kentucky, I can handle a curving road! If I were a puppy dog, I'd be the one standing on top of the tool box in the back of the pickup truck barreling down the country road. If I were a car, I'd be a sleek body with a V-8 rumbling inside and raring to explode in a burst of acceleration. If I were. . .oh, heck, I'm a MOM now, and I don't drive too fast anymore. Of course, "too" fast on a curving country road is a term relative to where you grew up. To my hubby, the gearhead, triple digits are nothing on a straight and wide road, but I can scare the beejesus out of him by driving 55 on a narrow and winding Kentucky road. Oh, and Bubby, if you dare imply that my driving is what's scary, then I will have to open that who-wrecked-the-nova can of worms :)

  • Argh, I really need to just head back to the house and hope the laptop has decided it's time to come out of hibernation! Do you know how hard it is to concentrate here in the library? Shhhhh, quiet please. No problem with that, actually, because the only conversation I can hear is one between the reference librarian and an elderly man trying to find lyrics to his favorite hymns. That is not an argh at all, mind you. In fact, it just goes to show the rewards of living in a small community:) My argh is just one of those little hmphs from the writing muse on my shoulder. She's a fickle little bird, she is.

You know what, I would delete this whole thing right now, but then I'm not sure what I'd write. My life is really a good one, and at the risk of sounding like PollyAnna stole my soul when no one was looking, I've got to say it again. . . my life is a good one, and all these little "arghs" are really nothing compared to the kid sitting two tables down, patiently waiting for the kind librarian to help him. He is obviously struggling, but Jean just cheerily told him to try emailing her some messages while he waits for help. "You can send me all the messages you want, okay? Don't worry about the spelling." My problems may be frustrating for me at the moment, but they are nothing, ya know? So, I think I'll log off, let someone else have a turn, and head on back to the house. Here's to the kind people in this world, the ones who remind us of the important things, just by being themselves :)


Anonymous said...

That need for speed is why you may not get to take the old WIND WALKER for a trip down the quarter mile . Yes I did spin the old nova around , but it was you that sold me a camaro that needed major body work !!!! Now as to your driveing skill it is bad , unlike my grammer , I did have a west hardin eduummaction you know .

angelinabeadalina said...

Now, now, Bubs, let's not rule out any trips down the quarter mile yet, 'kay? Pretty please? By the way, the quarter panel on the Camaro was not damaged due to my fault-- it was run into by a drunk driver, remember? I am, however, to blame if that band-aid stayed on the booboo too long and ruined the paint on that scrunched quarter panel :)

P.S. Did you know that I did spin the Camaro around one time but didn't hit any signs in the process?

rosebud101 said...

Hope the computer woes get better! Hang in there!

Deb said...

Oh Ang - I feel for ya babe!!! Technology is great - but those darn cyber woes can send you to an early gra....swig of the bootleg!!!

Now don't even get me started on knowing how to do stuff. Show an interest & men exploit it. Period!!
Before you know it you're a Jill of all trades & there is no need for a 'professional'. Ask me how I, on second thoughts don't! lol!

Luckily the man I have - knows all about a 'trade - off'. "Yeah I'll do such & such... if you cook dinner". Such a pity that the poor darling didn't hear the "forever" I added on the end ;o)

It'll get better - we all have 'arg' days :o)

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Sorry about the 'arg' days. Hope the computer woes improve. We won't talk about the keyboard DH has left me with this morning. LOL


ellen said...

We're here for ya, kid.