Saturday, September 20, 2008

High Heels Are the Devil's Spawn, Romaine Is a Kind of Lettuce, and Romain Is a Guy

High heels are the devil's spawn. They are. Ask my feet. They are still cranky and complaining, and the shoes hit the floor at 2am this morning. My head is not fine, either, even though all I had from the free bar was a Diet Coke. . .it sure was a FUN evening, though!
The mystery wife finally got to meet the coworkers! Yep, they thought I just might be a figment of my hubby's imagination. . .well, not really, but it is true that Rick's coworkers still hadn't met me after two years.
Now that I've met everyone, I have yet another reason to say I WANT TO SHRINK THE WORLD! I want to shrink it so that we can live just a jump away from Grandma and Granddaddy and the rest of the family and friends (*waving at Bubby, Soupie, Tasha, Mari, Rachel*). I want to shrink it so that I can pop over to Miss Kate's and steal her sweet little teacup kitteh. I want to shrink it so that I can spend the day at Argonne Gallery with Joan or visit Libby at Third Degree, then I can meet Ricky after he's done with work and go out with the Sigma Aldrich crew. I want to shrink it so that Deb (New Zealand) and Mallory(Minnesota) don't have to skype to talk "in person"...and so I head over to see them after I swing by Marcy's (Atlanta), pick up Mich(South Africa), grab Carol (Arizona-- and I hope you're having a terrific Indiana visit with Dave's family!!), sheesh, I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea!
Well, I don't know how I got from high heels being the devil's spawn to shrinking the world, but there it is. High heels are evil. This particular pair is cushioned with pieces of rubber mat that I snipped out of the tool box yesterday afternoon-- believe it or not, it kind of helped matters, keeping my feet from sliding too much. Anyway, I have one more thing to say to each of you :
Thank you. That's all.
P.S. This is the sculpture I made yesterday in the wee- wee-hours of the morning. It's a man with his arms around a woman, their heads tilted toward one another. We included it in our gift to Brandi & Keith (*more congratulations and good wishes going out to the new Mr. & Mrs. Hibbler!*).
Oooh, and check out this gift wrap I found. Mmmm, it just spoke to me. Isn't it wonderful?
Alright, over and out. Really. I have to get up out of this chair and start straightening the mess of wrapping paper, jewelry doo-dads (believe it or not, I actually made a pendant to wear with the dress, pantyhose, evil heels, and makeup last night), kids' stuff from their visit with Terry and Eileen (*hey, thanks, again, for babysitting*), and coffee cups in the sink. Happy Saturday to all, and to all a good nap! Sheesh, I really gotta go now :) Toodle-oooo!
Wait! I forgot about Romain! This is for you, man :) If you are talking or writing about a French guy who is married to Josephine the auditor, then you must spell it this way-- Romain. If you are speaking of lettuce, then you spell it this way-- romaine. Glad I got to meet you all!


rosebud101 said...

Ang, you are a sweetheart. If I could figure out how close you are to Chicago, the next time I visit my son, maybe I can visit. It may be too far, but who knows with those evil spawn shoes, maybe they will walk the distance for us!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

One day we'll meet - the world is shrinking. :))

As for high heels. My feet don't do high heels. LOL. As for hubby's colleagues, well I'll forever remain a mystery if it means putting on a pair.

Have a super weekend.


ellen said...

OMG! You wore heels AND pantyhose? I can't imagine either but both at the same time? What were you thinking, woman??????????????

Deb said...

Ang my sweet...High heels are NOT the Devils Spawn. High heeled shoes are beautiful, elegant works of art for the feet... worthy of great moments of perusal & occasional drool.

However actually puttig those suckers on your feet & expecting to be able to walk, stand, dance or act anywhere remotely approaching normal in them is misguided to say the least!

Pretty shoes though & I am impressed you lasted as long as you did :o)

That gift wrap is absolutely divine, the sculpture is just perfect.... & I'm am so with you on wanting to shrink the world.

Profusion said...

If you keep your heels at around 2-2½" and wide, not stiletto, then you can walk and stand and dance just fine.
As for pantyhose - if they weren't so darned tight around the waist I wouldn't mind, but I can assure you that the stay-up kind of stockings are far worse. because they don't actually stay up, and it is very difficult to be elegant and discrete about pulling them up in a room ful of people. Trust me, I know this.

Sheila said...

hey! That sculpture is great! Good luck at the show this weekend. (I know you'll do great!) And, I will be taking your beads to the next four shows I do (2 bead shows, and 2 art shows)...(I'll send you details this weekend; or at my site, it is scheduled)
I really really like the scale of the bottom tile pedestal with those figures.

So glad you are out there!