Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Okay, Mom, For Halloween I'll Need the Broom and the Cat...

Here's the dealio on the premature purchase of Trick or Treat costumes. We live in a teeny town, do our shopping in a small town, and Halloween is usually celebrated on the last full weekend of the month here (instead of the 31st). So, I told The Rottens that if they were good all last week, including their long Saturday helping Daddy while I was at the bead show, then I would let them pick out their costumes early.
James was worried sick all last week, fearing some other young apprentice Jedi might snag the size 7-8 Darth Vader costume. . .and then when he finally got to the store, he picked out something else! Granted, it's still a Star Wars character (Capt. Rex of the CloneTroopers), but after assuring himself that Darth Vader was still available, he moved on to something else.

Kate decided Hannah Montana might be a little boring, since practically every other little girl in town will be wanting a Hannah costume. Instead, Kate is a medieval sorceress of some sort. She politely informed me yesterday that she will need to borrow the broom and take the cat along with us when we go trick or treating. . .I'll get back to ya on whether or not the Mooch allows us to take her trick or treating, LOL.
P.S. "Please, Dad, get the CloneTrooper name right. It is a CloneTrooper, not a ClownTrooper!!" Heehee, that bit of exasperation comes to you straight from the mouth of the little boy who thinks it's hilarious when Daddy teases Kate about liking "Hannah Banana" :)

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rosebud101 said...

What great memories, Ang! The kids will love reading this blog someday!