Saturday, September 6, 2008

W. I. P. That Stands for Woman in Progress

Oh, she's meant to look like a W.I.P., as in "work in progress." I purposely made her arising from rough and unsculpted ivory glass, with an almost finished torso and a head not quite smooth or sculpted.

It occurred to me that she is so much more than merely a glass sculpture purposely suspended mid-finishing, though. She's a metaphor for many of us, isn't she? Haven't many of us learned to see ourselves as a "work in progress"? We're past the point of believing we can wake up one morning and instantly change parts of our lives to our immediate satisfaction. Oh, we know that some things can work that way. If you want to quit smoking or give up a particular food vice, it's possible to do it cold turkey.

I'll tell ya one thing, though, Butterball doesn't have enough cold turkeys in inventory the week before Thanksgiving to even touch all the things I've wanted to instantly change about myself! Sheesh, it's taken me the better part of four decades to realize that the best way to approach this game of life is with the steady swing of a small chiseling hammer. . .not the bam and shatter of a sledge hammer on glass.

Want to learn to do something new? Do it daily, even in small doses, and you will make it a habit *and* a new skill. Just look at Elaine's sketch journal sheets or check out all the new skills Sheila has added to her glass repertoire in the last 2 1/2 years. Listen to Michelle's two steps forward and one step back daily adjustment to moving her family, setting up homeschooling, and just generally being SuperMom. I am thinking about all of you, too, at this moment. I know there are private journeys being made, and I know you will succeed! You are the women I think of when I look at this W.I.P.


It stands for Woman in Progess.

Keep on being one! You go, girls!


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Okay I didn't have any tears today until I read your post.

You're a really special Woman and I HOPE you KNOW that!!!!!!


Kyfarmlife said...

Absolutly my favorite piece your done!

Kyfarmlife said...

Hey there! popping back in to ask you if you would check out some sketches I put on my blog and give me an HONEST opinion....this is the first time I've shownyone...

ellen said...

Work in progress is a wonderful way to describe us. I've always applied the word "evolving" to myself and most of the women I know but I really like WIP.
Can you imagine being stuck in the same mindset you were in at the age of 21, 31, etc?
My biggest conquest has been to shut my mouth - not all the time, of course (no fun there, eh?) - but to think a bit before firing off stupid stuff.
It's still a "work in progress."

rosebud101 said...

Ang, thank you for this blog. It really makes sense, and it helps me to remember that, even at my age, I am still a work in progress, and I am woman!

Deb said...

Oh yeah! That post made my eye's go all sweaty!
As always Ang - you have the ability to strike a chord, make us take a step back - pause in our travels & 'think'.
You have to be one of the most amazing WIP's I 'know'.
Thank you for reminding me to stop & smell the roses, pause - think & realize that I too am a WIP ;o)

Samma said...

A very moving and artistic piece! Very fitting piece that you wrote with her too. Thanks, I needed that!
Hugs - Samma

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Whoa girlfriend, you said a mouthful. Are you like a fly on the wall or something? Often it feels like baby steps!