Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whoooooooooo? I Say, Whooooooooooo?

Whooooooooooo? Whoooooooooooo?

Who knows if I'll get the shelf put together and painted in time for Saturday? I used a jigsaw for the first time yesterday and made some curving layers of wood for the shelves. I learned that screwing the shelves together will not be an option if the big drill is broken because the small drill's battery doesn't work. In the process of learning this last thing, I got two hints from my little brother when I called him: 1.) If you're gonna start playing with power tools, then you're gonna have to start figuring out problems for yourself, and 2.) Nails still work for holding things together, ya know. To that end, I've been to the store this morning to get myself a claw hammer (funny, a little tack hammer won't pull out the nail that hit the knot underneath the top piece of wood and slid sideways out the side of the bottom piece). Now, claw hammer in hand, I will make another go of finishing the shelf so I can paint it a nice glossy black to show off the sculptures standing upon it.

Who knows how many sculptures will get finished? I've got pieces of burled wood that need cavities burned into them (yep, imagine that, a glass melter resorting to FIRE to solve a problem in another medium!). I've got display stands waiting to be sealed and drilled and epoxied. I've got glass figures lounging all over the desk, waiting for their homes. I've got a freakingcrazydamn computer that may or may not talk to the expensivedamnprinterthatdoesn'tliketoprint...and I want to print out a bunch of the stories that go with the figures.

Who knows from reading this just exactly how happy as a clam I am to be dealing with these little things?? I LOVE IT!! Tuesday night, I kissed my torch goodnight after one last sculpture before the show. Okay, not literally, because even though I do love fire, I don't love burnt lips! All the chapstick in Jo's pockets and briefcases wouldn't be enough to sooth that kinda sizzle, LOL! I loved, loved, loved buzzing through that piece of cheap wood to make the curved pieces for my crooked little shelf yesterday afternoon! Oh, yeah, I can see me wanting to make all sorts of things now, just so I can rip through some wood. I love thinking about my table display and sketching a layout on the back of an envelope while I'm hunting down the tools I need for the next step. I love it, and I don't even know all of the words to describe the satisfaction and enthusiasm that well up in my brain when I spot a piece of junk that would look good with a piece of glass I've melted (or when I spot a great piece of junk that's just begging me to melt a piece of glass to go with it!).

Who knows how much I love knowing that you all are out there, doing the virtual hand-holding and butt-kicking and cheering, whichever is needed most on a particular day? Well, I hope *you* are the *who* who knows :)

P.S. Here's a really stupid question from a techno-not. "How do I get my computer's coffee cup holder to open out again?" Heehee. Actual question from a top ten list mentioned on the radio this morning! Okay, now, maybe my stupid question won't sound as bad, compared to that one. Somehow, despite the total disappearance of icons and even the Start button from my screen, I managed to get a Firefox window open by clicking on one of those annoying update this reminders (and how in the heck did it show up if the other stuff is all on vacation somewhere on a tropical cyberisland??). Okay, so now I've got some windows open, as long as the crazycomputer doesn't hibernate itself again. BUT how do I get my Start button to show up again so I can get to all my programs? Told ya it's a stupid question, but I don't know the answer (and I know it must be a simple one, I just know it). Thanks in advance for any hints that might get me through the next couple of days with this sucker. After the show, *then* I'll be able to think in terms of proper fixes. Okey-dokey, now I'm off to visit my friends Stanley and Makita and FreebiesNabbedFromVariousGenerousSouls :)


WhimsybyMari said...

You are my idol!! The turtle is at Vicki's. Good luck at the show, I know you will do great.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

So Angie, what kind of computer do you have? PC running what? XP (hopefully) or Vista (hope not it is HORRID)? Or a Mac?

On Windows you could try a right click in the empty area, and click "refresh"... or sometimes if the task bar is hidden... moving your mouse down to the bottom of the screen (or top, right, or left edge... depending on where you usually show your task bar) will cause it to re-appear on the screen. Hope some of that is helpful...
Oh... and I too LOVE my power tools. Can't wait to get a ring saw to start cutting curvy lines in glass... woohoo..

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Mari! You made my face break out into a great big grin...Love ya, even if ya have strange taste in idols :)

Thanks, Elaine! It's a Toshiba, running XP. I'm going to try moving the mouse way down. It does seem like the task bar got lost down there somewhere. Actually, I'll have the 7 year old do it when he gets home from school. That kid has a knack for being able to do things with the right touch. Ring saws sound fun for making some awesome stained glass, or I suppose you'd use it for fusing. Wow, I can imagine some great designs with curves and circles.

Anonymous said...

Well it seem I need to comment , as too using the hammer 3 step, hit nail A on head B with hammer C do NOT hit nail D that hurts ask your father to show you his BLACK PAINTED nail . If you do hit the wrong nail you can paint the rest black too and nobody will think your weird , other than me , because I told you not to hit that nail !!!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Nyah, nyah, nya, nyah-nyah, Bubby! I made a double decker display shelf without nailing any nails except the finishing nails! It's painted and to finish the rest of the to-do list :)

P.S. Did you show Pop your first aid card and ask if he wanted you to relieve the pressure on that nail?

Deb said...

Ohhh power tools - YUM!!! Want me to hop on a plane & bring my scroll saw & drill?? We could have some fun then....only problem is it wouldn't help you much for this weekend. Bugger!!!
And here I was looking fr a valid excuse ;o)

The dreaded computer:
If you have Vista - basically you're screwed 'cos I have no idea - lol!
1/First up try pressing Ctrl-Esc ...that 'should' bring up the start menu.
2/ You might find that it will run fine in safe mode - perhaps give that a try.
3/If you can get it started in Safe Mode - maybe do a system restore.

I'm assuming that you have nothing on your desktop all?
Sorry to say it but that coupled with the hiberante thang - sounds like it 'could' be a virus to me.

rosebud101 said...

Be sure to ask someone else. I know nothing so I bow to the expertise of others who have posted. I'm a dork.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Sorry, techno-weenie here! But, I have used the restore button before when things have gone screwy! Ah, if you can find the control...hope you do.

LOVE woodworking tools. We have a whole studio full of them (DH's). I mean like 24X32 feet of them. Next time silly girl drill a hole smaller than the nail where you want that nail to go if you've got knots. then they go in like a dream without the curves.

I'm with Deb....road trip! Good luck at the show

ellen said...

Please make sure you take pictures of this display set-up and good luck with everything!!!

Laurie Whitney-Mermaid Glass said...

Good luck! You'll be wonderful!
I will not comment on power tools or possible injuries. Think positive, always.

Samma said...

Angie - Hadn't seen you around, so had to come see what you were up to. Power tools rock..ROAR!!! First man to give me a DeWalt 4 pack for Christmas wins my hand in marriage ;-) Samma