Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonder What He (or Is That a She?) Would Think About Us?

WoooHooooooo! New National Geographic in the mailbox today!
BooooooHooooooooo! Gotta get my butt working on stuff for the Glass Galore show in St. Louis on Saturday.
That means I don't get to rip open the plastic and devour the NG until next week. When I was a kid, I rarely saw a National Geographic until we got a bunch of them from Grandpa and Grandma's attic. I don't even remember why we ended up with them, whether Grandpa had subscribed to that many years or whether they were a flea market find, or whatever happened to them. What I do remember is that it was like a dream to have yellow stacks of magazines that shrunk the world before any of us had ever dreamed of the world wide web. It was an adventure to grab one of those and see where it took me through print and pictures.
There must be something subliminal about the design of the Geographic, because my kids react the same way to the stack of them on the headboard of the waterbed. The pictures tell so many stories on their own, and then to hear the written words is to really hear the stories come to life.
I can't wait to read about the face on this issue. Look at that. Wonder who reconstructed that? Wonder who found the fragments of skull that began the search for that face? Wonder what the brain inside that skull could fathom? Wonder if he or she would be amused by the Geico commercials?
Wonder what he or she would think about us? Do we dress funny? Is our food weird? Why don't we live in caves anymore? What is this wasting fire to melt glass instead of roast food?
Yep, I need to get to work! The sculpture in the pic just seemed to suit the caveman. Simple, yet powerful. Hmmm, better go say the magic words that make the fire appear, better melt some glass. . .


rosebud101 said...

Wow! I thought the sculpture was one from the Neanderthal era! Ang, that is a fabulous sculpture! I think you captured the essence of the ancients with that sculpture! Good luck at the show!

ellen said...

That's the best thing about a magazine - it's always there - waiting for you when you have the time.
I grew up in a house that ALWAYS had a NG sitting on the coffee table.

Deb said...

Oh National Geographic is great!!

I adore history - but as close as I have got to exploring any of the Neanderthal Age is reading Jean Aulds books - lol!

The sculpture is outstanding.... as always :o)

I know exactly what she'd think of us BTW - "Grunt mumble grunt, well I'm pleased I live in my era - will you just look at what those ridiculous creatures try to do to their feet - what happened to good old skins tied around them"

Cindy said...

Hi Angela,

Oh yeah! The Nat'l Geographic is awesome! For me, it came from my uncle's house and stacks of old NG that he'd give us when we visited. He ran a greenhouse with dirt floors and I can still smell the potting soil and peat moss as we ran up and down the aisles as my parents helped him. Interesting memory I have attached to a National Geographic, huh?

Love love love the sculpture! Curves and the human condition, YAY!


Kyfarmlife said...

WOW! Another Nat Geo fan! I was so into them my mother swore that I'd have my house wallpapered in the covers and stories printed. I kept them ALL but unfortunately got ruined when her basement flooded, oh well I found norms Paps and Mims collection....cant wait to read! Love the man and woman piece...thats awesome! And like u wishing we could shrink the world if just for a day!


HOLY MOLY ...! That's a HUGE artifact ...

I'm here to send you some "oooga-chacka-vibes" for the weekend ... :)


Debra said...

Oh I love National Geographic...always great photos.