Tuesday, October 21, 2008

By The Way. . .

By the way:
  • Those rubber-gripper kind of headbands are terrific for holding your bangs out of your face while you are working, as well as making sure your pencil doesn't slide out from behind your ear and get lost again. I made have been born a Greer, but the holding a pencil behind your ear gene must've mutated when it got to me. Come to think of it, that gene must be connected to the hang a cigarette from your lip and keep talking while you hammer a nail gene, so it's not all bad that I didn't get it. Sorry, you Greer boys, but I do believe I am talking about a bunch of you. I think Pop tends to keep his pencil in his shirt or overalls pocket nowadays, but whether accurate or not, my memory of him as a young man includes khaki work pants and shirts, as well as a pencil behind his ear. Ditto for Uncle Major, except for him, I inevitably picture a cup of coffee and a cigarette also.
  • Deciding to catch up with your family history and learn to use saws and drills and all sorts of other tools, when everyone else has been doing it for decades, is to just naturally make yourself the butt of a joke or two...but, then if I can't entertain someone someway, then I feel out of place :)
  • Six year old girls *do* want to save the world. . .one freaking earthworm at a time. Kate and friends had a terrific time digging up worms yesterday afternoon. It was very exciting to watch Angel get up her nerve and hold one of the worms! It was fun to watch Kate and Sarah try to spot the worms as soon as Tyler turned over a shovelful of dirt. It was even more entertaining to listen to the girls as they proceeded to name every single one of the dozen earthworms. "Susie, Alice, Tiny." Kate even took Tiny to the Worm Hospital in a curled leaf ambulance.
  • Rachel and Leah have been making goat milk soap to sell in their Etsy shop. Rachel tagged me with a blog award a few weeks ago, and I owe you a list of fun blogs to read, but in the meantime, you can check out her blogs at KentuckyFarmLife and WilmothFarmsHandmade Soaps.
  • DREMEL CUSTOMER SERVICE ROCKS!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!! Sent my poor, bedraggled Dremel XPR in to see if they could rescue it. Not only did I get it back within less than a week, but they reconditioned the motor that I smoked and fixed the collet and sent me a free sanding wheel bit! THANK YOU, CORPORATE AMERICA (well, at least, this particular part of corporate America. . .I could think of other ways to connect the words Dremel and spa vacations for executives of bankrupt companies, but hey, I think maybe rotary tool torture might be illegal).
  • Mich got a grip on her squeamishness about silkworms and held one for a picture!! WAY TO GO, MICH! I gotta tell ya, I don't think I could overcome my fears about many things at this point in life. Yep, at this point, either I'm scared or I'm not, and I'm not too keen on changing. . .but that's not good, so Mich, you are officially my hero!
  • When you think you are alone in the house and sense something moving just around the corner of your eye, look and see what it is. If it is dirty blue jeans and socks crawling toward the washer on their own, then it is time to do laundry!
  • Mallory tagged me, too! You have got to go read about her exploits-- attending all sorts of church suppers, making "bugger beads", and letting Spike take her for walks! Hers is definitely the kind of blog I like to read. It has people and glass and pets and fun and lots of good vibes :) Mallory, you are a joy to more than a few of us!
  • Mallory is featuring her favorite artist today, too. It's her daughter Jenny, so be sure to check out Jenny's photography! "When you need the best, call a GEEK!" Love your eye for detail, Jenny!
  • That is not gray you see in my hair. It is white primer. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. (Actually, from what I can tell, it really isn't gray...wouldn't you know it, I think my hair is skipping the gray stage and just turning straight to white when it can't muster up the pigments to make a dark brown strand!!)
  • And one final "by the way" for today: Have you ever noticed that you never get one of those impossible to reach itchy spots on your back when there are other people around who could scratch it for you?? It's always when you are by yourself, hands in those funky plastic dishwashing gloves covered with plaster. . .


rosebud101 said...

Ang, You are the greatest! I love your love of life! This love always shows in how you write about your exploits each day whether it includes glass, your family, the kids, your hubby, you know what I mean! Thanks for all of your kind comments.

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Fears!! Yep, not an easy thing those. LOL Last night it was the flying ants. Great to watch over the open field - not great when they are flying around in your kitchen. LOL

Beautiful posting from you today. I love reading about everyones exploits.

Now if I can only get over my fear of being thin. That's my story and I'm sticking to it..........

Deb said...

Hey Ang! I love the idea with the headband & pencil - lol!
Good on Kate & her friends - the singular creepy crawly that I just can't stand is worms! Slimey horrible things & the only thing that get's me to put on gardening gloves.

Dremel customer service sounds FANTASTIC (I'm still waiting for my Samsung LCD to be returned after 4 weeks) - I only have a generic brand thingumy one of those nowadays - but hey it was cheap, goes well & has a flexishaft, so is wonderfully adaptable.

I think it must be G&T o'clock!

ellen said...

Who needs video games with you have WORMS!!!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Dremel customer service... who knew Dremel's could break, I personally have 3... no idea how many the DH has... I find changing the end a bother, so I just buy a new Dremel when I need a different thingy on the end... thingy is a technical term...
Dick Blick is sending me a replacement for my broken palette bowl... I do not have to send them the broken one back to prove it was broken... I do love companies that stand behind their products.
About that hair... I see sun lit highlights... and a darn BIG eraser on that pencil of yours :)

Kyfarmlife said...

Hey Ang, Your blog always cracks up, I'm waiting for you to write a book...seriously! Childrens or adults, have you ever thought of it...it would make the best sellers list...I read your blog every day, but most days I cant leave comments, I've heard other people say the same....anyway good luck on the craft show! And thanks for the plug!!!!!!!