Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coke or Pepsi? The Challenge Begins...

Meet Kathy Bergen, kindergarten teacher extraordinaire, smiley face collector, wife of Jack, mother of Emily and Justin, and (most importantly for today's purpose) a (gasp!) Pepsi drinker.

When Coke machines appeared in the school hallway yesterday in preparation for the upcoming basketball season (Go, Irvington Indians!!), a few parents (okay, it was me and another parent, but I'm the goofy one) overheard Mrs. Bergen jokingly say she was all prepared to do a Pepsi commercial because she likes Pepsi. Oops, better rephrase that-- she wasn't joking about liking Pepsi! Did you see her Pepsi stash in the refrigerator?

Flash forward to lunchtime today, as yours truly, the Queen and Empress of Procrastination, was wiggling her paint brush (see Deb, I listened to ya!) and trying to think up new ideas for some of these Christmas crafts. My brain kept veering back to the Pepsi versus Coke thing. Wow, that's one of those debates that always gets people spouting their opinions. It's almost as good as the over versus under toilet paper dilemma when it comes to getting responses. Hmm, wouldn't it be cool to turn this into some sort of fundraiser for the school (and trust me, I am one of those parents who detests selling things, no matter how tasty or pretty or practical said things are supposed to be)?

Once again, the evil forces of procrastination forced me to stop painting holly leaves, grab the camera, swipe a couple of the hubby's cold Pepsi's from the fridge, and head over to the school, where I hoped to bribe Kindergarten Kathy into letting me record her Pepsi commercial. What happened next may not be history, but what the heck, it's going to be kind of fun to figure out what to do with this. As you can see from the interview in the video, Mrs. Bergen is game for the challenge and is composing her very own Pepsi jingle/slogan/commercial/whathaveyou even as you read this (well, maybe not as you are reading this, since the kindergarteners were due to return from lunch and recess a few minutes after this interview was recorded, but you get the idea).

So far, my thought is to have some sort of penny per vote contest and see whether Pepsi or Coke is the winner. . .when Irvington Grade School would actually be the winner, since the pennies would go to the school. Not sure about all the ins and outs of doing something like this, so if you have any experiences, urban myths, ideas, or connections with Pepsi or Coke bigwigs, do tell (leave a comment, 'kay?)!

For now, let's get a poll going. Which do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? Personally, Diet Coke runs in my veins, but I'd be willing to drink a Pepsi (gack! what a vile thought to me!) if Pepsi or Diet Pepsi wins the poll. . .


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Many, many, many years ago I went white water rafting in Vic Falls, Zimbabwe. Back when Mugabe was not too bad an idiot but still an idiot none the less. So there I was white water rafting down the Zambezi River gorge. It was hellishly fun!! But now getting down the gorge was easy enough - but at the end of the day you have to climb out after spending a day being tossed around by up to Grade 5 rapids. Here I am trying to climb out of the gorge - you have these sherpas running up and down passed you like there is no tomorrow. I'm struggling, and at times wishing or a helicopter to come and rescue me and get me the hell out. Now you're wondering about the coke/pepsi bit - we're getting there. LOL So eventually I plonk my butt down on a rock and tell these guides quite emphatically 'No More!!' They try and convince me 3 or 4 steps and I'm out - I did not believe them. They send this lil guy to get me a coke. An ICE COLD coke!! He was quick. I sipped my coke, 3 or 4 steps and I was out of the gorge. Ever since then it is only coke for me. As for Pepsi - yuck!! As for Diet coldrinks - they're BAD for you. Would rather die from a sugar overload than anything to do with Aspartamene. Thanks!! LOL

I hope I have not bored you to death.

Night, night...

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Oh and for the toilet paper ma-thingy. Over!! Over the top, I mean.


Linda said...

Definitly Coke. To me, Pepsi - No way. I only do hard core real stuff sweetened with SUGAR! I hate diet anything.... hate aspertame and other fake sugars. I'm all about the REAL thing :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Atlanta Ga is my HOME TOWN... I also worked for Coca-Cola for 5 years... just prior to moving to Charleston for love (not money)... Sorry I have no connections... the people I knew back them, don't work at Coke anymore.

rosebud101 said...

How could anyone seriously consider a Pepsi? I love the taste and feel of coke on my tongue! Wow!




That was me … yeeeaeeeeeeears ago … and I knew it right away … I’ll stick with the real stuff… COKE!

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Another Atlanta person. Coke (diet, caffeine free) is my drug of choice.

BTW, you've been tagged. Please see my blog for details.


Deb said...

Eeeek - would you believe it?
I don't like either, never have, they rae all too sweet.

So I can't vote - boo hoooo!
Gonna sulk now ;o)