Thursday, October 9, 2008

Elfin Dreams. . .

Are you old enough to remember a time when no one would be talking about Christmas decorations in October? Remember when you could buy a swimsuit in summer and a heavy coat in winter? Remember when you could go to the store on Halloween afternoon and still find bags of the "good" candy to give out to the trick-0r-treaters that night? Remember when you had to wait until after Valentine's Day to get a heart-shaped box of chocolates at a clearance price? Well, if you are old enough to remember any of that, then I apologize for starting to talk about Christmas! I know how silly it seems, but I think I've been bitten by the Christmas and winter decoration bug!
There have been years when I was ahead of the game and had a "Christmas in July" burst of creative energy, but usually I like to wait until the crisp, frosty air nips at my fingers before I start making Christmas doodads. That's the same reason you won't find me bragging about finishing my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. Then what would I buy during those last two days before Christmas?
And yet, here I am showing you the elf face I shaped out of clay this morning, and getting ready to tell you I'm itching to make a mold of him and pour him some sisters and brothers in either plaster or cement! I want to paint rosy pink on their cheeks, holly around the edge of their caps, and snowflake sparkle reflections in their eyes! I want to make some Nativity scenes. I want to make some winter faeries. I want to make a Snow Queen. I. . . umm, I think I want to grab ahold of my muse and tilt her head up at the tops of the maple trees in the yard so she can see the pretty oranges and reds starting to peek out from the greens. I think I better stop a minute and make sure I don't miss fall in all my excitement about winter (and I don't even really like cold weather, but I do love the holidays!).


rosebud101 said...

I love the elf! You are so creative!


Oh, mY ... OH my ... oh MY ... this elf is sooooo BEAUTIFUL ...!

I seem to be in the same spot with the X-mas "desaster" ... :)

Yesterday I stared at the box on my closet where all the "holiday-beauties" are hiding. I'm really looking forward to place them everywhere in the house.

For now I concentrate on eating chocolate cookies ... hmmm ... I should start with X-mas bakery.

This elf is really really really beautiful ... just adorable ... WOW,


Deb said...

Now that is one beautiful Elf - I can see why you are all eager to get going on the Christmas doodads!

I love him Ang! :o) You are such a clever chickadee!!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Lovely... how big is this elf... concrete brings thoughts of BIG elves, clay thoughts of bits and bobs to hang on the tree.... Didn't I just see a pumpkin here not long ago? Have I missed Halloween?