Thursday, October 16, 2008

Faery FAIL!!

Spent part of last night and part of today fiddling around with acrylic paints and trying to make a newfallen snow scene for this little wooden purse.
Could not find a tiny paint brush for lettering. Had too much to write anyway. Got bright idea to use a Sharpie. Hey, it's permanent on most surfaces, right??
Yeah, right.
Not when you spray it with clear acrylic.
Especially not when you've also used it to make dainty eyelashes for your winter faery because you still couldn't find the dang teeny tiny paintbrush you need.
Get ready. Here it is. Your Faery FAIL of the day:

Methinks runny mascara on a snowflake faery don't look too hot. . .then again, maybe I'll leave it this way and hope for some Goth teenagers with spending money to stop by our booth next week!

Hope your day has been an entertaining one, too :)


Anonymous said...

Paint need those fine point ones.

angelinabeadalina said...

Aha! Thank you!! Now to hope I have one stashed somewhere or that our little town store has one :)

rosebud101 said...

That is really a great purse! Good luck with your sale.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

She looks like that Tammy Fae Baker woman that used to cry on preacher TV all the time... Best non-running pens I've found are Sakura Microns.. won't run even if you paint on them immediately. Pitt pens are advertised to do the same... but I haven't tried them.
On to your color theory question.. I couldn't answer on my blog cause the teacher says she'll kick us out if we publish her secrets.. like she invented color theory. Google triadic color schemes and you'll find lots of info on the net.
For painting the colors are the ones across the wheel from each other in a triangular relationship... so..
Red, Blue, Yellow (primary)
Green, Orange, Purple
Yellow Green, Red orange, Blue purple...
Clear as mud?
Red and Green are complementary colors.. a split complementary color scheme would be Red, yellow green and Blue green... ok my eyes are crossing... just pick a color :-)

Kyfarmlife said...

Hey you sure where off to a great start until like capt Elaine said, Tammy Fay Baker, stepped into the scene! LOL Your still talented so dont worry, i can see what would have been and you'll get more small brushes and paint markers I bet huh? Good luck and I love the little wooden purse!
By they way, I made Dougs posters for school, didnt they reak of MOMMY? LOL and YES he took all the credit!