Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Madonna and Child for All Seasons

Peace and Sweet Autumn Golden Sunlight Wishes for a Wonderful Wednesday from Ang, who must get her rear in gear and cut out some more wood projects for the little people to sand after they get home from school and finish their homework. Methinks James will have a better attitude about his upcoming craft show venture once we get started painting. . .the boy detests sanding! Both of them are doing a great job of sanding with the grain and smoothing pieces until they feel soft, but James complains with every swipe of the sandpaper. Kate seems to like the methodical process of sanding, just like she enjoyed shelling corn this weekend, but we might have to butt heads when it comes to painting designs on some of the bigger pieces. Mommy has to admit that she likes to design her own stuff. Kate is the very same way, too! She's a darn good artist, too, with an eye for wild but pleasing color and pattern combinations. The headbutting is likely to occur because while we don't have the same end results in mind, we do happen to have the same preferences for beginning shapes and textures. . . c'est la vie, right? Considering the possible causes of headbutting in the future (ie when they hit the teen years), I suppose this is a fine problem to have :)


Kyfarmlife said...

Oh Yes just wait are you in for a thing or two! leah looks at Norm and I like we have 2 heads when we just say good morning! LOL Oh how I love teenagers....sigh

angelinabeadalina said...

LOL, Rachel, we've already had a taste of it. Kate isn't exactly Little Miss Merry Sunshine when she first has to get up in the mornings :)

Deb said...

Ang - Madonna & Child for All Seasons is beautiful & simply imparts a feeling of calm, peace & serenity. Hope for all times indeed!

I don't blame James, as I loathe sanding most of the time too....well, unless it involves a grunty power tool. Even then I'd rather delegate that part of the task to someone else & get on with the job of 'finishing'.

Your headbutting problem is indeed a fine one to have - it sounds to me as if Kate has her own voice & vision, I look forward to watching that unfold :o)

rosebud101 said...

Ang, that Madonna and Child is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of a sculpture that I have had since my childhood of the Madonna and Child. I'll email you a photo sometime. As for your children, what fun! And there are so many more wonderful adventures waiting for you as they grow! Wow!