Friday, October 31, 2008

Not-Teenage Mutant Ninja Pumpkins!!

Ninja Pumpkin does not speak. Ninja Pumpkin does sneak. Ninja Pumpkin moves with graceful precision. Ninja Pumpkin is the brainchild of a first grade ninja who left his mask on the pumpkin before his class went to lunch. (Non-ninja mom cannot remember which first grader was the instead of getting the name wrong, I'll just refer to him as a "brilliantly creative young ninja in training.")

Hairy Harriet the Halloween Hooligan does speak, and she says:
Well, I just couldn't do anything with my hair this morning! I tried combing it, but the comb got stuck in a piece of bubblegum that was already stuck in the back. I tell ya, chewing bubblegum right before you fall asleep is not a good idea. That's why I always keep a hat next to my bed. If the comb doesn't work, I just plop that hat right on my head! Now, I know you are wondering what I was doing while you were at lunch, so let me tell you. I peeked at your schoolwork. Yep, I sure did. Gave me the heebiejeebies, it did! Wow, your human brains are really smart!

Commander Rex, present. Intergalactic pumpkin clone at the ready to aid the Rebellion, sir! Just a moment, sir, I believe my guts are missing. . .whoops, left my seeds and stuff somewhere. Hmm. Maybe whoever found them will plant them and raise another crop of intergalactic pumpkin clones next year.

Like, wow! Like, did you see all the supercool costumes parading around this room? Like, wow, did you see Gabriella from High School Musical? She was here in her red dress, and Sharpay was prancing and dancing around in her shiny gold and red outfit. Like, crazy fun here in Mrs. Bradham's class! There were Clone Trooper Commanders,Ninjas, a Farmer with his horse, a Prom Queen, some Witches, a dead Princess, a Knight, a Transformer, Lizzie McGuire, a giant Jack-o-Lantern, and an Alien! Like, cool costumes, everyone! You rocked the school's Halloween Parade!



HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2 U ... and all the "freaks" around you ... :)

rosebud101 said...

Love those pumpkins! Such creativity in the designs! Wow! I am impressed!

Deb said...

What a fabulous atmosphere it must have been at school!
I'll bet the kids had a load of fun....
I wanna go back to school!!!

Oh - I mean in the USA, not here ;o)

Happy Halloween - a lot late!