Monday, October 6, 2008

Pumpkin Rescue Team!

The combine is coming for the soybeans, making its way across the other end of the field last night, almost certainly heading for our end of the farmer's field today. This poor little pumpkin planted himself from the seeds of last year's jack-o-lanterns. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to have an Old Farmer's Almanac handy. He came up late for the autumn party and in the wrong place.
Enter The Pumpkin Rescue Team (insert superhero music here)! Halloween Man and Harvest Woman spyed the combine working at the other end of the field and instantly leapt into rescue mode. . .literally, they jumped off the end of the deck and ran to check on the pumpkin! This was followed by a quick return to the Haunted Lair to fetch some bags for pumpkin picking. . .and another excuse to leap off the end of the deck from a running start, ya know.
Now, rescuing one tiny pumpkin at the edge of the field from certain tire squashing by the combine as it picks that outer row of soybeans is one thing. Wading into that field in search of other baby pumpkins that Kate "knows" are waiting is quite another. Yep, Halloween Man and Harvest Woman are the spawn of (drumroll, please) ChickenSh** Mother Who Shall Not Wade into Any Field in Which She Cannot See What Might Slither Across Her Feet! We don't even have to talk about respect for the farmer's potential grain yield, nor do we need to mention the fact that slithery critters probably don't even like the bean field. Doesn't have to come to that point in the discussion because I. ain't. putting. my. feet. in. a. spot. where. I. can't. see. them. and. what. might. be. with. them. Period.
James, aka Halloween Man, heard the mention of snakes and promptly decided there were things he needed to do inside the Haunted Lair. Kate, aka Harvest Woman, just as promptly decided she didn't care what else might be in that field, she was going to rescue those pumpkins she "knew" were still in it. Well, actually, as she explained the plan to me, she was going to look for the pumpkin babies from the edge of the field and then *I* was going to go in there and get them.
Sorry, kid. Maybe you'd like to console yourself by decorating the one pumpkin we knew existed and saved? Uh-huh, I thought you might.
And another day in the superhero Haunted Lair comes to a close. Tune in next time to find out the answer to these important questions: Why would she call it a Haunted Lair when she knows just the word "haunted" will give her the heebie-jeebies at some point when she's in the house by herself? Will the young superheroes get to purchase a much bigger pumpkin or two at Eckert Farms this afternoon? Will the Mom actually make a pumpkin pie this week?


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

LOL, snakes!! Well you know how I feel about those slithery creatures. LOL

The buildup to Halloween is exciting.

No Halloween craze here - yet!! LOL

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Mich, you know I totally thought "at least there aren't any cobras around here" when I was contemplating the whole deal, LOL!

rosebud101 said...

Now, how fun is that! I love the children taking care of all the baby pumpkins and saving them from a combine. Ang, you need to write a children's book about that! Great story.

Anonymous said...

BOO goes uncle bubby , you needed to have some pictures of them out there . Whats this I here your trying to be a woodworker ? You know ofcourse that you need to learn what tools do what { just what does a hacksaw do ? } Just your average MONDAY here daycare is still in full swing . TOODLES WILL PILL

ellen said...

I was trying to think of appropriate background music for this whole rescue thing. Maybe the manic violin music that accompanied the wicked witch in Oz?