Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We're Off to See the Pumpkins, The Wonderful Pumpkins of Fall. . .

We're off to see the pumpkins, the wonderful pumpkins of fall. Mother, Mother, Mother, do I have to smile into the sunshine? Okay, ignore Katie's squinting for a second and look at those pumpkins! Don't ya love the bumpy ones?? Wouldn't those make some really ugly puking pumpkins (you gotta click on that link and see all the funky pumpkin carvings that cycle through the slideshow on that page, including flaming pumpkins, alien gourds, and pumpkins puking their innards out at ya)??
Indian corn, ears and ears full of every color from pale yellow to purplish red, is the perfect backdrop for a pumpkin scouting expedition.
Don't ask me. I don't know what kind they are! They sure are interesting, though, aren't they?
These look like a riotous gang of potential Halloween marauders, dontcha think?
Aha! White pumpkins are the perfect choice for us this year. Kate had already said that she wanted to get a pumpkin, paint it white, and then draw black ghost eyes on it :) These also met with James' approval, since he wanted to draw a Star Wars character holding light sabers on his pumpkin (who the heck is General Grievous, anyway? some four armed guy with a light saber in each hand? I don't know if he's a good guy or a bad guy, but he sure is scarier than most jack-o-lantern faces, LOL)
That was our afternoon yesterday, and it was a fun one. Today is rainy, and I am busy battling red paint. My brother says I must show him a picture of this work table/desk thingie I've made. I think he just needs a good laugh because I've already admitted to him that it is fairly crooked, made of about three different kinds of hotdog wood (ya know, plywood and two by fours that I really have no idea what kind of wood makes them up-- sort of like not really knowing what's in a hot dog), and resistant to my efforts to paint it red. Hell, I'm not shy or proud, I'll show it but I gotta finish painting it first. . . and that, my friends, is what I'm off to do now. Toodles :)


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

You've been a busy Mom these days... Halloween... ... um... isn't that like 3 weeks away? Won't the Jack-o-Lantern be mush by then if you carve it now... or is that something that happens here in the hot, humid South... and isn't an issue up North where it's cool and nice.
I've lived a LONG, LONG time and I've NEVER seen a white pumpkin before... WOW

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, Halloween weekend around here is always the last full weekend in the month, so it's earlier here because of the festival and parade. We don't carve yet, either, or they would be mush in about a week. Markers, baby, markers for drawing on the pumpkins! Plus, that gives us an excuse to go back and get another pumpkin or two before time to carve one :) Oh, and oooh, yuck, is it still pretty humid down there? We're always sticky in the summer, but by this time of the fall we get some fairly dry days.


What an inspiration: I'm really getting nervous here. After staring at all these pumpkins I decided to torture one on my own this year ... :)

Tasha said...

Hot dog wood. I like that! I've been itching to try my hand at building furniture myself. If the male Greers can do, why can't we??

So far we only have one pumpkin even though we spent all day Sunday at the pumpkin patch having Nate's party. Rita put his present ($$) in a painted pumpkin and he had to dig it out. You missed a fun party. Now I just have to go back and get pumpkins and mums.

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, at least I just learned alot, Tash. For instance, using lawn chairs for saw horses and cutting with a jigsaw is pretty much a recipe for a funky not-as-straight-as-it-should-be cut,LOL. I think next thing I try, I will work more slowly and carefully! Other than that, I think it's yet another case of practice, practice, practice!

The pumpkin hunt sounds terrific! Sorry we missed that.

rosebud101 said...

Ang, you never cease to amaze me! You really are a mother, wife, and sculptor! Awesome! You are making such great memories for your children!

ellen said...

Oh, Ang, you put me in the mood for fall/Halloween.

Deb said...

Oh wow - just look at all those fabulous pumpkins! And will you just look at the indian corn - I've never seen that for real - but the colours & textures have always appealed to me :o)
Halloween must be such a fun time where you are!