Friday, October 3, 2008

What? Is That Glass I See in Angie's Pictures Today??

Last week, in the week-before-the-only-bead-show-I-usually-do rush, I didn't take many glass pictures. This week, I've pretty much taken a break from glass. . .and I think that was a good thing. Even messy-creative-types (slobs) like me will reach a point where our surroundings must be straightened or we simply cannot concentrate on creating. It's kind of distracting to try to torch while worrying that the recycling piles might finally tip over in the walkway that is your studio. It's tempting to not ever unwrap and put away statues or business cards when your desk is already covered with assorted picture frames, junk mail that might not be junk mail so you'd better open it just in case (don't ask me about throwing away important papers that looked like junk mail), sculptures-to-be, and receipts.
So, can ya guess what I've been doing these past few days? That's right, I've been straightening and quasi-organizing. And you're right, this could have major consequences for the environment, since hell is probably freezing over this very minute :)
Hmmm, I've always been partial to the "hell freezing over" jokes and expressions. For instance, the University of Kentucky, which is an incredible basketball school, generally sucks at football, and that is the basis for the punchline in this joke: St. Peter greets a new arrival at the Pearly Gates. Unfortunately, this new arrival has earned a trip on the down elevator, and St. Peter ushers him onto the elevator for the trip. Now, the new arrival may have had some ethical issues in life, but he was a very friendly, talkative guy, and he's chit-chatting with Peter as the elevator goes down to the bottom floor. St. Peter actually enjoys these conversations and is busy asking the new guy all about current events. They politely discuss the economy, politics, etc. Then the door opens to a view of an uncharacteristically frozen Hell, to which the new guy responds, "Oh, and I see the University of Kentucky finally won a football game."

Besides the lame jokes, there's also the grudgingly spoken hmmph that "when hell freezes over" adds to a contentious conversation. I suggest there might be no more appropriate response than this phrase to questions like, "Will you do me a favor and tell me what about this brand new outfit makes me look fat?", "Would you mind hopping into my brand new, untouched/pristine car and driving it to town for me?", or "Here, taste this new recipe for squash and beef liver casserole and tell me what you think?". Uh, huh, like I'm stupid?

There's also "well, hell a mile" and "hell's bells!" and "going to hell in a handbasket". Lately, I have been fond of reminding worrying adults from my parents' generation that the world has supposedly been going to hell in a handbasket since before they were born. . .but we're all still here. Nice way to say, it all works out in the end, don't ya think? Except, considering the state of the economy here this week, it's hard not to think we really are heading that way, after all!

Here's hoping you each have a helluva good weekend, despite whether or not we're riding in a handbasket :)


Lisa said...

Love seeing all your beautiful forms like that! I've got my lovely Madonna and child where I can see them every day!

rosebud101 said...

I hope no one is heading there in a basket or otherwise, but the same thing has been said about the Minnesota Vikings. In spite of hell freezing over here in the winter, the Vikings never win the championship. Oh, well! Go Vikes!

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Lisa :) I saw a picture of your bead display rack on LE-- nice way to show off your collection!

Well, Mallory, I gotta tell ya that the Vikings had their day of popularity in my grade school back in the 1970's! Our school colors were purple and gold, so the Vikings had a leg up on the competition for favorite football teams with us kids :)

Deb said...

Ohhhh Glassy goodness from Ang! Yum!

They are all just beautiful :o)

I've heard all of the sayings & various forms of the jokes - lame or not they always elicit a smile!
Funny isn't it - having a Mum that's a Pom instead of growing up with things like "What the hell" or "Well they can go to hell" - I grew up with "What the blazes" or "Well they can go to blazes"...yet I still hreard her say "when hell freezes over" & "hells bells" was a favorite! Go figure ;o)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

My favorite to use is "Oh, Hell No!" It seems to slip out at the most inappropriate times. Love the photo of all the dust bunnies are multiplying as we speak.