Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will Pill Is 38, Pandas Are Being Drawn, and Three M's Have Tagged Me!

Happy 38th Birthday to Mine and Soupie's Little Brother!
Have a Great Birthday, Will Pill!
That would be Will Pill, aka Bubby, aka Wee-yum (as Rachel's Norm said it when he was little), aka William Lee Dreer (as Tasha said it when she was little), aka William, in the sunglasses. That's his sometimes shadow James carrying the Easter egg basket.

This would be a zoom of a picture of the pictures over the cookstove in Mother and Daddy's living room. See the three kiddos? That's Angela Faye, Annette Susan, and William Lee. I'm the dark haired oldest one of the stairsteps, Soupie is the middle one, and Bubby is the baby.

Now, for the panda drawing! Captaine Elaine Magliacane posted step by step panda drawing instructions in her blog just for Katie last night. Well, to say the least, Kate was thrilled, Elaine! She got out paper and markers and went to work, and the drawing above is her second one. The first one didn't suit her, so she did this one. She's still trying to wrap her artist's eyes around how to make the legs look like the panda is sitting, but I have a feeling she'll get that after she looks at your first panda sketch again :)

Aha! Now, time to get those 3 M's into the picture! Melissa/Marissa, Marcy, and Mari have each tagged me in the last week or so. How do people tag you from miles away? Why, they tag your blog and make you "It". Please check them out, if you don't already know about them:

Melissa of Villa Designs can be found talking about hammers and glass in the same post (ack!) at Musings of a Glass Artist. Melissa, aka Marissa, is just the cutest sweetiepie... not only that, but little kids love her. I know the Casperettes adore her, and after meeting her once, Kate thought she was definitely due for some teasing and attention getting :)

Marcy of Studio Marcy is another sweetheart who blogs about glass and all things quirky and fun that she uses for inspiration for her beads. Marcy is responsible for some heavy duty inspiration and motivation for me a few years ago, and I know I am not the only person who has ever felt their confidence grow because of Marcy's honest encouragement! Of course, James and Kate "know" Marcy from online because when she sent me a beautiful bead sculpture, she also sent them an alien and a cutie bug!

Finally, there's Mari from Whimsy by Mari. Mari has known me since I was a kid (sheesh, Mari, that makes it sound like decades, now, doesn't it? oh, right, it has been decades, LOL). I even babysat her son for a bit when he was little. Mari lives in the same neighborhood as my parents. She's a sweetie who encourages others (including me!) lots, too. Oh, and you know James and Kate liked going to Mari's house a few times this summer because Mari is good for snacks and not insisting on hugs if you don't want them but giving them if you do. . .and she has some cool doggies :)


Tasha said...

Happy birthday, William. Why is it that all this time I always thought you were 4 years older than me? I will be 35 in December.

Ang, I have some step by step drawing books that Nate never liked. If I can find them, I'll send them to Katie.

Tasha said...

Oh, and I didn't say "Dreer"... surely not!

angelinabeadalina said...

Tash, that's because he started school in Aug at 5 years old (turned 6 in Oct)...I think you must have started when you were 6 and then turned 7 that Dec, because he graduated in 1988 and you in 1992.

Oh, and honey, you did say "Dreer" for all of our names, LOL :) :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Tell Katie I love her Panda... he's very cute indeed... I struggled a bit myself on what to do about those legs... does she have a teddy bear? Tell her to pose the teddy bear, then draw what she sees :-)

Villa Design said...

I think I should make a hammer bead... LOL...