Saturday, November 1, 2008

Acorn Elf

It's a quiet Saturday night here in the flatlands, and I am wondering what to ramble on nonsensically about tonight. We've looked at yet another house today, and I am afraid to jinx it by saying that both of us liked the same house! Still, I know my hubby, and I know something will jinx this and keep him from making the decision to actually make an offer. . . so I'll just go ahead and do my pouting right here for all the world to see. Oh, if you could have been in that yard with the full grown trees, in a nicely secluded but not isolated little group of houses on the edge of a small town, you would understand why the likes of me would be pouting right now. That's not sarcasm, either, in case you don't know that I'm so NOT a city girl. Ah, there was room for a clothesline and little garden. There was already a dog pen (for the dog my cat-loving-only hubby WILL come to like, because I WILL have to finally get me a doggie). There was a massive deck for hanging out, and there was one spot in the corner of the backyard which will make a decent place for the gearhead's extra garage. Oh, and there was a high ceilinged sunroom that will be a lovely studio for me and the Moochie cat :) I'm going to uncross my fingers right now so I can finish typing, but . . . *sigh*
Of course, the kids had their opinions, too. James gave it a thumbs up, no hesitation. Kate, however, was a bit more pragmatic. Seems she did not like the idea that there was no electricity. She told us it would be pretty dumb to buy a house that didn't have any electricity! After we explained that the electricity had just been shut off by accident since no one was living there, she gave us a big "Oh, I get it" and a thumbs up.
Not a lot of other stuff happening here today. Just hanging out and enjoying the perfectly warm (about 73 degrees F) and sunny afternoon. The kids have been playing a game that I remember playing with my sister and brother when we were little. James and Kate have been running and hiding from any cars they hear coming down the road. Soupie and Bubby and I used to do the very same thing. Must be one of those things that just occurs naturally to kids who live in sparsely populated places? My kids run behind the van or behind one of the big maple trees in the yard to hide. I remember running across the front yard, jumping the lower growing flowers in the first flower bed, and then diving behind the gladiolas just before a car would top the hill to the side of our house. We'd stay hidden until the car passed to the other side of the yard and over that hill. Guess it's not so surprising that I am inclined to be a bit of a hermit, now is it? Don't run and hide from cars anymore, but I can be a happy hermit.
Well, time for bed. Good Night. Sleep Tight. Don't Let the BedBugs Bite!


angelinabeadalina said...

And I have no freakin' idea what any of that had to do with the Acorn Elf bead in the picture?? LOL, talk about getting off on a tangent and not remembering where you were going! Happy Saturday/Sunday, everyone!

rosebud101 said...

Love your ramblings, anyway, Ang! Hope you get your house!

ellen said...

I love the elf. And now I'm excited about the house. It sounds perfect. I'll be sending all my positive vibes in your direction.

Deb said...

The elf is perfection!!! I love it to bits!!!

James & Kate have the right idea - I'd hide from cars too if I could. I'd especially hid from the part where I feel like I am playing Taxi driver to kids in this city full of insane drivers. (Of course I am the only sane one!!!)