Sunday, November 2, 2008

Handful of Good Fortune

What a handful of good fortune Mallory sent me! She made these "ancient" relic coins from polymer clay, and I'm the lucky person who got gifted a dozen of them :) Besides the job of "Spike's Mom," Mallory is also Mom to Jenny and Nick. She's also an adventurous glass melter who creates cool beads like the ones in this totem!

Thought I'd send you a taste of autumn in the MidWest, along with that handful of good fortune shot. A yard full of maple trees almost guarantees a colorful fall with lots of reds and oranges.

Nothing can beat the feel of a 70 degree day in the fall. Seventy in the summer has an entirely different quality to the light, and you just know Mother Nature is messing with you and then going to blast you with a skyrocket of the mercury to 95. In the fall, though, 70 is all good. . .warm enough for short sleeves, rays of sunshine slanting at an angle that doesn't glare in your eye, certain knowledge that you'd better bask in the mildness because tomorrow could easily bring the first snowflakes!

James attempts to make a leaf angel, sort of like a snow angel but kinda hard to do on a slightly windy day!
As we watch the colors gild the trees and then float to piles on the ground, those of you in the southern hemisphere are welcoming warmer days and greener plants as your spring blossoms. Hope you've enjoyed your day as much as we have ours, no matter which 'sphere you call home!


rosebud101 said...

Ang, you're welcome. I hope you can put those discs to use. Thanks for the links!

Deb said...

What fabulous disks that Mallory sent Ang - you are so fortunate!!

I love all the Fall photo's, the kidlets look like they are having fun!!!!I can also say that I wouldn't mind the temperature in any season ;o)

I know ....I know ....I'm a heat ho!!
It's been a stunner here today - & I spent it inside doing....housework. ERG!

ellen said...

I love a beautiful fall and we certainly have had one here in MI. I hope it continues far into Nov. which can be a pretty ugly, boring month.