Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rainy Day Ramblings

Agent 269, aka Scruffy Marty the Cat, aka Spoiled Critter, looks into the camera and asks, "Why are you using your hands to carry that thing, when you could be using your hands to bring me food?"

The Daddy smiles, and the Katie does yet another funny face for the camera. In case there is any doubt, she gets the class-clown-goofy-as-hell gene from him :)

James felt the need to follow Aunt Soupie outside this morning, so he got to wear Granddaddy's coat and hat since they were right by the door. The little boy really is in there somewhere-- just look for the blue eyes!

Pop, aka Granddaddy, gives me a wave. He'd been watching Katie take a "shortcut" across the cornfield. I should have taken some pictures as he and Bubby built the fruit cellar, but I hadn't gotten the new camera out yet when they started setting up the walls. . .and today looks like it'll be fairly rainy and chilly. With lots of the Greer family coming today for the Thanksgiving get-together, the boys probably won't be working on the cellar much today.
Happy Sunday, and I do hope each of you gets to spend your day doing something that brings a smile to your face :)

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Ellen said...

I feel like I should say "Goodnight, John-boy."