Monday, December 1, 2008

Did You Ever Wonder How Much of "The Recipe" Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Sampled in Their Spare Time?

Well, Ellen, now ya got me thinking about The Walton's :) So, here I sit with my breakfast and coffee, googling "The Walton's". Good stuff can be found in the links section of the Wikipedia page about them, and did you guys know the show is being re-aired on The Hallmark Channel these days? Now, before you guys get all misty-eyed, let me warn you. . .the goody-goody Waltons will be mentioned here, but I'm really thinking about characters like the Baldwin sisters and Yancy this morning! Heehee, poor Ike Godsey would get more than one smack or two on his shoulder if he said aloud the things I intend to unearth about Miss Mamie and Miss Emily and that precious Recipe! Shhhhh, settle down now, Corabeth, I'm just kidding. Well, sort of kidding. Er, maybe kidding?

Oh, I loved to watch The Walton's up there on their mountain! Regular shows, reruns, whatever. I imagine ours was not the only family that occasionally got ready for bed at night and felt the urge to shout from bedroom to bedroom, "Goodnight, _______." We kids knew it was finally time to stop when our mother chimed in with a "Good. night. John. Boy." Anyway, I'm gonna write about the mountain from a grownup smartass point of view today. See. I warned you. I'm also not going to look up episodes to play online and refresh my memory about things, so there may be errors amid the conjectures. . . in other words, it's Monday, I have laundry to do, errands to run, glass to melt, etc., and can't justify sitting here watching episode after episode of The Walton's. That's what would happen if I started, I'm telling you.

Anyway, the question of the day is exactly how much of The Recipe the Baldwin sisters sampled in their spare time. Think about it. They seemed to be two little old ladies who had money and were retired. It must have gotten a bit boring sitting up there in that fancy house and not getting outside to roam around the mountain. (Speaking of the mountain, did you know you can go tour Walton's mountain?) I 'spect they had to sample The Recipe quite often to make sure Daddy's brew was still up to moonshine standards. Even in the free-wheeling 1970's, Miss Mamie and Miss Emily's exploits must have been too much for the television show to handle. Seriously, didn't they come across as just a little too delicately ladylike? Uh, huh. I know, television had much better standards for family shows back then. . .and as a kid, the hint of tippling little old ladies was scandalous! However, as a grownup, I 'spect there's must have been lines from the Baldwin sisters that had more meaning than I could grasp at the time. Like I said, I'm not going to allow myself to go back and watch again, but seriously! Was there ever an episode showing Miss Mamie and Miss Emily wobbling around the house, cup of The Recipe in hand, singing raunchy songs about hobos? Did we ever see them hiccuping and burping in John Walton's face? Do we really know whether or not they shared a cup or two or three with Grandpa Walton? You know he was a feisty feller. . .I'll bet he stopped by the Baldwin sisters' place for brewskies just to irritate Grandma Walton. Can't you just see sweet Ellen Corby's face screwed up in that tight-lipped mad pose, waiting to swat him with the broom when he stumbled back up the porch steps?

And Yancy! Why did I even say I was going to talk about Yancy? I barely remember a thing about him except he was a wild one. A rather poorly looking, pathetic rabble rowser in overalls and long johns is what I see in my mind's eye when I say the name Yancy. Exactly how bad was he? Was he simply uncouth, a redneck before we said the word redneck so freely? or was he really a criminal of sorts? Chime in and leave a comment if you remember details about Yancy. All I know is he seemed ripe for the devil's picking, and I don't even believe in the devil! Was he really out 'coon hunting at all hours of the night, or was he spending his time cultivating a bit of a patch of the wildwood weed and had to protect it?

Oh, goodness gracious me, where does the time go? I really have to get to my to-do list, so I'd better leave it at that for now. Now remember, for those of you who love The Walton's, I loved them, too-- this was all just a bit of speculation about the inside stories that I might have missed as a kid :) With that, I'll leave you with a "Goodnight, John-boy."


Sweetwater Designs said...

I came over here to thank you for leaving one of the nicest posts to me I've read in a while..♥ (it always means a lot coming from a peer) and now you've got me remembering the Waltons. We loved that show too. There are 6 kids in my family with a brother named John..he *still* gets John-boy from us when we're trying to bring him down a peg.haha Great post Angie..

Deb said...

Oh yeah - the Waltons!
Boy, your recall is clearer than mine Ang - that's for sure.

Of course the 'Goodnight's' have never been forgotten.I even manage to incorporate them into family goodbyes...sooner or later (usually after the third person has said goobye...or goodnight.

Laurie said...

OMG, I totally forgot about The Waltons. I had a huge crush on Ben. Don't ask. I can't explain it, even now.
I think I'll find a rerun and make my kids watch it. Then they'll know how good they've got it! :)

rosebud101 said...

Ang, I honestly didn't like the Waltons. The only thing I did like was Good Night, John Boy. Then all I could see was his mole. OMG! The
nightmares! rofl

angelinabeadalina said...

That's too funny, Mallory! I did like them, but I can sooooooo see them morphing into some weird kind of nightmarish Twilight Zone family!