Friday, December 26, 2008

GoldFinch Quest

Aha! Gotcha! These cute little goldfinches are half the reason I was so excited to get a new camera for my early Christmas present, and I am thrilled to already have gotten a picture like this. When they first began arriving last spring and filling the bare rose bushes outside my mom and dad's living room window, I was a crazed woman trying to get close enough to take a good picture with my trusty Nikon CoolPix. . .crazed, because I could not get close enough for any really clear shots with that good but small camera. Every time those little buggers arrived to eat the bird feed, I'd run to get my camera. They would promptly disappear, or worse yet, would munch happily until I got one step away from a clear picture and then scatter!
Well, nyah, nyah, nya, na, nyah! This picture (zoomed with photo editing software) was taken from inside the living room today, and I plan on spending some time in a lawn chair that's even closer to the bird feeders. Yep, this chick is looking forward to the challenge now that she's armed a little better. Oh, yeah, and now I remember why I gave up on photography as a hobby a long time ago. Too addictive, too easy to want to keep buying bigger and bigger lenses, too all-consuming. . . yep, ranks right up there with golf (replace "bigger and bigger lenses" with "lighter and lighter clubs"). Good grief, between the camera and the torch, I'm gonna have to really start hawking my sculptures to finance my art addictions!
Better get myself to bed soon. Those birds will be up and chirping early, and there's a family get-together to attend in the afternoon. All in all, I'd say a laidback visit here to Kentucky has got to be the bestest trip of all!


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Angela,

What a great picture of the gold finches! Glad you've got a camera to get a good picture of them. Yep cameras are expensive as I've been the patron to The Teen's photo-art talents. He currently is begging for a dark room since he's doing film developing this semester! So you're right, it's too addictive and too easy to need more and better.But sometimes, it's more important to pursue your dreams and interests - it won't be hard to sell your lovely work to finance your other creative work! :-)

Look forward to seeing what else you photograph!


rosebud101 said...

I can see some awesome photos coming out of this gift! I can hardly wait, too!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

OOO... great pictures you're getting with your new camera... I'm having a bit of fun with mine too. We're turning into shutterbugs :-)