Saturday, December 27, 2008

Now, That's Ram Tough!

Here's a closeup of the Dodge Ram hood ornament for the old Dodge pickup truck my brother is restoring. Hey, it has to be an antique, because we had this truck when I was a do the math ;) This particular Dodge truck was christened "The Banana" by us Greer children because of it's pale pastel yellow paint job. Being the packrats that most Greers are, Pop and Bubby have kept the old Banana since it's demise long ago. Now, Bubby has started fixing it up. It's running. It has new tires. It's being transformed from "The Banana" to I'm not sure what shade of green with black hood and trim. Kinda cool. Kinda brings back childhood memories.
As for me, I've always loved taking pictures of hood ornaments. If I dig in the old photo albums and stacks of 35mm pictures from the years right after college, I'll find closeups of hood ornaments, dashboards, and trim from different car shows. Long before I ever went to an AMC show with the hubby, I took pictures at a car show in Elizabethtown. My best friend from high school was married to a gearhead at the time, and I went along with them to the show. I took all kinds of shots of glorious hood ornaments, funky tail lights, and reflections in wheels. It was fun!
Now that I have this camera and the kiddos are almost big enough, I might even want (OMG, did I really just type this??) to go to an AMC show with the hubby again this summer. Marlins, Javelins, and Levi Strauss Edition Gremlins, oh, my! Ugly as I do think a Gremlin is, it sure makes for some great pictures when you find one that has been lovingly redone. Not only that, but a blue on blue Marlin just screams "ocean dreams" and "wow, they really knew how to make some pretty cars back in the day". You know, without a doubt, that I like taking pictures with those kinds of themes!

Here it is, the bumper from hell. Okay, so my little brother won't call it that because he wants it on the back of the Dodge for protection. I will call it that, however, because I don't plan to be the one driving the Dodge. Let me just say, if you rear-end that truck, you'd better be driving a semi with a humongous snowplow blade, or you're gonna be crying about the damage that bumper does to your vehicle. Bubby is grinding some metal parts for the homemade bumper in this picture. I loved catching a pic of the sparks flying! He didn't offer to turn out the overhead lights so I could catch a really dramatic shot of those sparks, but I think you can still get the idea, right?
Back home for me and the kiddos tomorrow. We drove the van to Grandma's, but it wouldn't start yesterday so Ricky got it running and drove it back home. That leaves us, with our Christmas loot, clothes, and other assorted "necessities" to pack into (drumroll, please) the little Cavalier for the return home! I tried to send the bigger things in the van yesterday, but you know how it is when you try to pack up ahead of time. . .
Ah, well, I think I'm rambling. Time to say night-night :)


Deb said...

OH MY!! I don't believe you just posted this! Yesterday we were driving around the city & I said to the maille guy for no particular reason - other than we had just driven past the Dodge/Chrysler dealership here (& I have recently been saying that I'd like a Dodge Nitro, just to be a smart ass really) ...... "you know if I could really have the car of my dreams it would be an old Ford pick-up, totally restored.....burnt orange of course".
When we got home we started cruising the net - just so I could be a little more specific about the 'look' I wanted - yep a '37 Ford Pickup... or a '38 or '50 Dodge.
I was probably kidding about the Burnt Orange - I kind of like a nice midnight blue.....

Yep Angelina Antiquity ....s.u.r.e ;o)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Wondering what year The Banana is? I drove a yellow Chevy pick up through college - with a cap on it that had curly cues - it was the yellow canary. It was a present from my parents when I transferred to a college 5 hours away from home - it was 1979. Is yours older than that?

Good luck getting into the cavalier - I loved my cavalier but you're right, it's small!


angelinabeadalina said...

Hmm, Cindy, I'm terrible at remembering exact car years, but the Banana was mid 70's. Think it is older than the Canary, but not by much. I think the curlicues on a truck must have been cute! My little brother is not hearing my offers to attempt some in black to complement the green when he gets this truck done, LOL

Deb! Burnt orange?? My hubby the gearhead would give you a huge pat on the back and a "way to go"! I like the midnight blue thought, myself, but you know what? Burnt orange has grown on me over the years! Dodge or Ford, either one, in those 30's years would be supercool! Hope you end up with one!

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

I drove a "mustard" car for years- around early thru mid 80's.

Ah, you bring back memories.

(and wouldn't you know that the word verification for this post was

Anonymous said...

For my big sis,you must be getting old , the banana truck is a 1982 dodge not as old as you might think , and as to the color burnt orange is ok but nothing says american muscle like SUBLIME GREEN with a flat black hood . It will now be called a green appal , yes my spelling is not up to par . Will Pill

angelinabeadalina said...

Oops! Cindy, the Canary is older than the Banana. Told ya I'm bad with remembering car years!

And Bubby, that "green apple" is extremely tart, don't ya think? I was liking that sublime green you started with, but the green apple is going to take a bit to grow on me.

Deb said...

ROFL Ang - Burnt Orange is my favorite colour...for pretty much everything, irregardless of whether it's 'in fashion' or not. So every few years when I hit on a (highly unlikely I'll ever get to even ride in one) car that I want, I have them all on by saying, "Oh - I'll buy one when they bring it out in Burnt Orange". In more recent years I've said it about BMW Z4's, PT Cruisers & more recently a Dodge Nitro.

In more recent years here I have seen a few Fords, Holdens & Suzuki's come out in various shades of Burnt Orange - but there is only one 'Deb shade' ;o) I'm fussy..... you should have seen me trying to buy a Burnt Orange hand bag here a few years ago.... I still don't have!

And yep - if I could get a nice old Pick-up - I think the colour would be the main 'brain battle' for me!