Friday, December 19, 2008

Voices Singing "Let's Be Jolly"

Argh! The dreaded grade schooler fake grin! I do remember this stage from my own childhood. If I claimed otherwise, my mother would take you by the hand and lead you to my second grade school picture. . .horrors! However, since the little boy has been covering his face and ducking every time he sees the camera lately, I will happily take this pose :) Poor kid. Had to wear a sweater he didn't like (that's what he said in the store, out of the store, on the way home, at home, in the morning upon waking, you get the idea), but he didn't seem to mind once he got to the party. Handsome little devil also was miffed at the mom for taking him to a "girl hair-cutting place" yesterday afternoon. He survived the ordeal, just this once, but let everyone within earshot know he usually go to Ralph's, "you know, the barbershop, for boys."

Dress results are in-- Kate decided this green dress was kinda cute, after all. The change of opinion had something to do with the mom sewing jingle bells around the front collar :) If it makes noise when you walk, then how can it be bad??

The hooligans enjoying themselves in the gym after the program. Besides driving his mother crazy by climbing on the scorekeeper's table, he is also playing air guitar! Two of the bigger kids had guitar solos, and all the little kids were in awe of such coooooooooooolness.
Merry Jingle Jingle!


Ellen said...

Ok, the "boy" looks like he's plotting to peek at his presents after his parents are fast asleep. I'd keep an eye on that one - he looks sneaky.
The "girl" is all about sugar and spice. What a sweet smile.
Both of them are darling.

Deb said...! ROFL Ang - that grimace/smile/strained "I'm over it Mom" grin - almost begs for the caption "Thees vill keeep"!!
I love it!
Kate is looking so sweet & angelic. WTG kiddo's pleased that they had a good time & Mum's handiness with the needle prevented a fashion crisis ;o)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Whoa... that is a serious fake smile, a future Brad Pitt or Jim Cary.. actor, he's gonna be an actor some day. I guess I'm clueless on sweater fashion... that one looks fine to me, as does the jingle bell dress... the bells do make it better :-)
Merry Christmas to all of you.

rosebud101 said...

What a wonderful photo journal of memories to keep forever for your children. They have been blessed with a wise and wonderful mother.

Maggie said...

Nothing like a fake grin and jingle bells jangling when you walk. They are adorable. Good luck with all of the energy they will be pouring out the next couple of weeks.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

OMG Ang - James looks like my elf bead! My daughter is a Kate. Have a wonderful Holiday and I hope Santa brings you everything you could possibly desire.

Kyfarmlife said... everyones comments..Ditto them ALL! They already said what I wanted to say!
Precious Ang!