Monday, December 1, 2008

Yes! Own Cyber Shopping! Get 3 Beadalinas for $125!

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Buddha and the Labyrinth

The wisdom of Buddha, the meditative insight of walking a labyrinth. . .and the pleasure of having a tangible reminder of each right at your fingertips.

This Buddha and the Labyrinth sculpture was made by me in my southern Illinois studio. I sculpted the glass Buddha in the flame and annealed it in the kiln, then attached it to the pre-cut soft wood oval which I woodburned and roughly carved with the labyrinth design. Buddha is made entirely of Nile green Effetre glass, and he stands approximately 5 1/2" tall. The labyrinth oval is approximately 8 3/8" long and 6 3/8" wide, and it has been lightly sprayed with clear acrylic sealer.

A Deep Lonesome Mariah Blows Tonight

There's a deep,lonesome mariah blowing tonight. I stand at the precipice of time, feel the wind blowing my hair across my face, hear the folds of my cape fluttering, breathe in the lonesomeness of this very spot.

If I let go, where will the wind take me?

A Deep Lonesome Mariah Blows Tonight was sculpted in the flame and annealed in the kiln right here in my southern Illinois studio, and believe me, there are some lonesome mariahs that blow across these flatlands. Anyway, this sculpture stands approximately 5 5/8" tall, is made of dark ivory Effetre glass, and is epoxied to a 1 3/4" square slate tile. She won't mind if you play They Call the Wind Mariah once in a while, either :)

Serene Scene

She is serene, standing here observing the scene.

This Serene figure was sculpted in the flame and annealed in the kiln here in my southern Illinois studio. She is made of dark ivory Effetre glass attached to a piece of slate and a miscellaneous washer from my brother's junk bucket. . .and despite the chaos in the studio, she stands peacefully and seems to beg you pause for a moment and take in her elegant stance. The entire sculpture is approximately 8 3/8" tall and 3 1/2" wide at the base. The figure herself is approximately 7 7/8" tall.


rosebud101 said...

Ang, guess what's being featured in my blog tomorrow? Yes, it's your store.

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, cool, Mallory! Thanks!! Glad I saw this tonight...I've got a few things to add! You're so wonderful, always helping other peeps get attention for their shops!

Deb said...

Very cool sculpture Ang - I really do hoe that soeone realizes how lucky they would be to get these & just snaffle them up pronto!

Deb said...

Well crapola! I also hoPe they get snaffled up - unless we're speaking garden then a hoe could be of use ;o)