Sunday, January 25, 2009

Draw with a Pen-- Just Do It, My Friend!

This is a palace for Momo, the Queen of GarrenLand. Please note the cat flags flying from the top of the castle, as well as the nifty cat ear shape to those parapets (or whatever is the correct term for those pieces of wall that stick up on castles). You will also notice the uniformity of the upward slant to each window. This drawing was done by James, who apparently has also inherited his mother's weird proclivity for always tilting things that should be symmetrical (if you look closely, you'll see all the glass faces and masks I make usually are wider on the right as you look at them and narrower on the left). I am so pleased with this little boy for including some great feline cat-eristics to this drawing. Way to go, James!

This is what happens when Katie "just feels like drawing a house, not a particular house but just what I want to draw." Kate's stylized people are very intriguing to me. Lately, they have developed a few very long eyelashes at the corners of their eyes, and this slight exaggeration does much to tell you about each character. I also really like the towers she added to her house, very magical. Way to go, K-a-t-i-e!

This is my ink pen sketch (yep, Elaine, you read that eraser, just some ink and me attempting to dance with the paper). The sketch is based on the newest bi-weekly challenge photograph at Different Strokes from Different Folks. How cool is that idea? Post a photograph, and then post everyone's different interpretations of that photograph. The previous challenge was a photograph of the Jefferson Memorial at night (and you can see Capt. Elaine's watercolor of it).
I have stood inside the Jefferson Memorial at night and been in awe of the magnitude of what our forefathers created. "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man" is inscribed around the inside of the dome, and reading it is a memory I will always hold dear.
Oops, back to the drawing and painting challenge! Lack of torching does strange things to a glass girl's mind...makes her dabble here and there and everywhere looking for a little creative satisfaction. Nothing has been "just what I wanted," though. Clay is only satisfying if I model it and then pour plaster over it in an attempt to make a mold. I'm so 'skeered I'll have the wrong thicknesses and blow up my clay creation in the kiln that I make things toooooooooo thin and they crack apart before I can even contemplate sticking them in the kiln. Wood, then? Nah, too cold in the garage. What I have suspected before is that I am addicted to the immediate results you get from melting glass. Okay, so you have to wait those hours and hours for the annealing and cooling in the kiln, but you get to see what you've shaped in the flame the whole time you are melting and shaping it.
Sketching with an ink pen is sort of akin to that. Immediate results that you can see growing across the page. No real erasing and doing over (technically, I think you can use an eraser, and I know you can melt in/off globs of glass gone wrong but I have come to enjoy letting the glass decide what it wants to do). Just start making lines. . .lay 'em down one after another, don't pause in the middle of a line, keep the repetitive motion flowing. It was like meditation. Took me an hour and a half because I was stopping to get this or load the washer or empty the dryer or find that. BUT even when I stopped, my mind stayed focused on the feeling of laying down those lines. It was beautiful. I think I'll do it again.


Deb said...

WOW ANG! Now what an awesome three images!
James has done Momo proud with his ideals for her castle. Katie's house & person are fabulous - real girl stuff (we do like to accessorize..even houses need this).

Your pen sketch is outstanding. I love it! I am far too self critical to attempt to put down on paper what I see in a photo or image. ask me how I!

However I suspect we are somewhat 'in synch' even though half a world apart. Last night I was sitting here at my computer & trying to put down on paper an idea for a bead. mind drifted to a tattoo design I had seen in a movie & the wearer thereof.oops!!

I started trying to capture the essence of the design somewhat simplified, to try & interpret into some stringer work - but it grew & I just couldn't stop myself. I ended up with a Deb Doodle of somewhat 'never gonna do this is stringer' proportions'.

rosebud101 said...

Ang, I looked at the other drawings, and they are all wonderful, too! Boy, that's a long way around to say, I like your drawing, Ang. Creativity must find an outlet. Looks like you did. Congratulations!

angelinabeadalina said...

Aren't all those paintings interesting, Mallory? It's fun to look at them and see which elements of the original photo are most often included in the paintings and drawings. I noticed the small bare tree in front of the house seemed to be essential to almost everyone's interpretation of the picture. I like the way the movement of its branches plays against the repetitive straight lines of the fence.

Deb, you gotta give us a peek! Finding the essence of something before you try to make it in glass is one of the most important steps, if you ask me (and even if no one did, I'm in a chatty mood, so I'll rattle on anyway...). Maybe your design grew past do-it-in-stringer proportions, but I'm betting it has a powerful look that could be useful somewhere. For some reason, I'm picturing this Deb Doodle as being a cool tattoed figure who might like to be painted on the wall of an outdoor shed or part of a wooden fence. Wouldn't that be neat, done in very subtle colors or carved into weatherbeaten wood, with real vines growing around him/her?

Rattle, rattle, ramble, ramble, that's me. Hope you guys are all having a terrific Monday!

dominique eichi said...

Nice Sketch for this week challenge , welcome to DSFDF.

Tom Pohlman said...

Hi Angelina- I love your blog! Your house sounds a LOT like mine! It's all Scooby Doo and movies you saw before the kids, career & college took over your life! Ha ha

Welcome to DSFDF- looking forward to seeing more of you!