Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey, Is Everybody A-Okay Today?

So how's hump day going for everyone?
What's one thing that made you smile as soon as you saw it today?
What's one thing you wish you could get done by the end of the day?
What's one thing you've made or seen that you'd like everyone to see today?
Just leave your answers in a comment, along with the online address to the one thing you've made or seen that you'd like us to see. I'll edit my post to leave a link to your picture, Etsy item, you name it (well, on second thought, if you are a spammer, then I might not put up your link unless I find it amusing). C'mon, everybody, let's hear what's made ya smile today! Tell us about something you've done or hope to do by the end of the day! Share a bit of your art--- you never know when you'll make the connection with your biggest fan!


Maggie said...

The thing that made me smile was the site of my cabin as I came down the drive. The thing I want to do is get the kitchen door open! That's where I was going to sleep tonight, as funny as that sounds. Everyone should see the beauty of the Santa Cruz Mountains and I will have a picture on my blog tomorrow or later tonight.

Kyfarmlife said...

Hey Ang!
One thing that made me smile today was the sunrise I got pictures of this morning
One thing that i wished I could get done by the end of the day, was cleaning my bedroom...didnt happen LOL
One thing I've made that I'd like everyone to see is my goat milk soap fragranced with LOVE SPELL victoria secret type....AWESOME! I havent added it to my etsy shop yet.
Other than that today sucks...too dang cold for anything! LOL

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

This lady's blog made me smile today...

I haven't made anything today... except ziti and a salad for dinner... and a doodle in my journal...

I spent the evening talking with a friend on the phone, I don't do that very often, she is a very good friend so hopefully I made her smile today, but you can't see that.

rosebud101 said...

This site made me smile today. I found it on Formfire's blog. It's called a wordle. Looks like fun to me! You can make a word cloud!

I wish that I could read and comment on all of the blogs I check out everyday. I think that will happen.

This is something I think you should see. It's a two faced monkey made by Louise Ingram of FireSeed Glass on Etsy.

Sweetwater Designs said...

I love your blog's always so sunny and upbeat. I'll bet you make everyone smile! :)
I need to create a black and white graduated print and find a piece of non glare glass to take my photos on and that keeps getting put off for some reason~ so I want to get that done today.
EBay sales are sluggish so I started an auction at .99 so I would like to plug that...;)
and thanks for letting me!
Enjoy your day Miss's a wee bit warmer here this morning anyway..a mere -5!


Deb said...

I didn't do this yesterday, even though it made me smile & was my intention to do so - darn life got in the way.
But I'm not missing out on some positive fun - so better a day late & a $ short than never ;o)

I woke up smiling with the wisps of a dream still lingering, & opened my eye's to see the sun which turned that smile into a grin!

I wanted to finish a project that I have been working on forever. Since it was intended to be finished for Christmas - it now seems like forever.

It was that project that I have been itching to finish so I can post a picture of it on my blog.

In lieu of that I have & never getting back to photograph the sun streaming through my bedroom window - I will pop up a couple of photo's of the next best things on my blog....