Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hittin' the Bottle for New Year's??

Well, no, not the way most people mean when they say "hittin' the bottle." This picture just happens to have some pretty glass bottles, bright sunshine, clear blue sky, weathered wood, and a bird's nest. I think that pretty much sums up my New Year's wish for each of you-- glass to melt or ogle, sunny days and intense colors to slather on like so much lip balm for the soul, and bits of nature everywhere.
Glass for Looking: If you enjoy looking at the sunlight as it passes through a piece of glass, if you like to see a flash of rainbow colors from a crystal as it sways in the window, if you find satisfaction in watching the evolving creations of glass artists, then you should know you are in the business of making the Muses smile :) Each time we gaze happily upon a creation, whether it be from the hand of a mortal or from the hand of a god, our admiration pleases the universe. Each time we reflect upon our amazement at the beauty we find in someone's creation, our words evoke a deep satisfaction and encourage that person to create more.
Glass for Melting: Chances are, if you enjoy looking at glass, then you might have discovered the joys of melting glass in the flame or in a kiln. Maybe your "glass for melting" is really fabric for quilting, clay for throwing, or yarn for knitting. Maybe you create by capturing these things with your camera. Whatever it is, may you have plenty of opportunities to feed your soul this year. May you find renewed joy in the small details that you thought had become old hat. May you find yourself exploring and stretching your skills and ideas. May you find satisfaction in all you do, whether it be one tiny stitch among many or the finishing touch on an elaborate piece.
Lip Balm for the Soul: You know how a simple stick of cherry chapstick (alright, I'd forgotten about that song until I typed that, and I'm not gonna bother going back to change it) smells sweet when you pull off the cap and then soothes your dry lips as soon as it touches them? May you have many nice moments such as that. . .a sweet long note in a song, a blue in the sky that sears itself into your brain in a good way as soon as you step out the door, a soft skein of yarn that caresses your hand before you realize you meant to caress it, a tart squirt of juice when you bite into a piece of navel orange, a hint of fresh baked bread in the air when you first walk into the kitchen.
Bits of Nature Everywhere: May you find them, wherever you go, wherever you live. From the marvel of geodesic engineering called a dandelion to the majesty of a bald eagle powerfully diving toward the river to grab a fish, may you find nature every day.
Happy New Year!


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Oh Ang!! You have a way with words!! May I wish the same for you and your family.

Now as for the Cherry chapstick - somethings we should not be reminded about.... ROFL :)) and should JUST stay buried.... (ok, I'm in laughter here) You're keeeling me.

I got to go now.

Love ya

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

okay, there should have been a space between some and things... just in case those spelling police are about. LOL

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, I knew somebody would remind me of it if I left it,Mich, so I had to mention it! Happy New Year!

Deb said...

What a fabulous way to hit the bottle!
You certainly do have a way with words Ang.... & have just reminded us all how important it is to stop & smell the roses, appreciate the 'small stuff'.
We all have so very much to be grateful for when you think about it.

May you & yours have a fabulous New Year & a positive feast of all the 'small stuff' & a generous helping of some of the bigger stuff as well :o)

Deb said...

I did do the snort over the Cherry chapstick but hey I kind of like the song....oops!

My girls were sent a bunch of lip balms from the USA a wee while back - I have to say I sniffed the whole lot. There was no cheery - but the instant I smelled the 'Kiwi' I fell in love & quickly made off with that flavour.....I think I am going to go into withdrawal when it runs out soon.

rosebud101 said...

As always, Ang! Wow!

art glass said...

Not the kind of art glass I was looking for, but still very interesting.

Ellen said...

Happy new year back atcha, chica.