Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Mrs. Merry Sunshine Chokes on a Lemon Seed While Attempting to Make Lemonade

Little Mrs. Merry Sunshine Chokes on a Lemon Seed While Insisting She Can Make Lemonade from Lemons!

How's that for a headline? I'm just saying, some days are going to turn out sour no matter what you do.
You know those days. Those are the days when your brand new underwear rides up your crack, your almost wornout socks ride down under your arch, and cat or dog hair decided to ride all over your dark blue wool coat. Those are the days when you absentmindedly park beside a puddle, only to realize it when your stocking and high heeled feet sink underwater. Those are the days when you duck as soon as you walk out the back door because you're certain the bluebird of happiness is waiting to take a dump on your head.
Boy, oh, boy, today was starting out like one of those days. . .and then a simple virtual hug and kind word from Mallory made me smile. So, to each of you who's feeling fairly crappy or even downright bitchy today for whatever reason today, I hope tomorrow is a better day. . .and don't forget to spit out those lemon seeds if you do try to make lemonade from today's lemons! To each of you who's spread a smile or passed along a hug, I hope you know what a difference your small kindnesses can make in another person's day!


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...


Firstly {{hugs}}

and to let you know that Deb made a difference in my day today!! It meant alot to me!!

Beautiful post!!

Hugs from SA

Deb said...

Hey Ang! Hope if it's a 'lemon' day that it gets better for you!

My wish for tomorrow is an absolutely fantabulous day for you.

Huge Hugs headed in your direction!

Deb said...

Oh ....& of course it made me think of a song ;o)

But you are going to have to follow the crumbs for that one.

rosebud101 said...

I'm glad you smiled, Ang! Just remember my mantra, "Breathe!"

Linda said...

Oh, do I know those days. I can't agree more that one persons kind words can truely turn a frown into a smile and make everything okay again.

Ellen said...

Thanks for the reminder. I didn't really make a resolution but I am trying very hard to say hello and smile at people when I see them.
A smile and eye contact can really make a difference for many people.

angelinabeadalina said...

Ellen, that's a wonderful thing to try to do more often :) I'm gonna try to follow your lead.

Good morning/evening hugs to the rest of you, too! You are the bestest pick-me-up!

P.S. Deb, I can't figure out the song, but I'm pretty hopeless at music info. I did try searching on youtube and came across "Little Miss Sunshine" by Dean Martin. Oh, and for some reason (maybe the smartass line about Merry Sunshine choking on the lemon seed?), I'm thinking the song you are thinking of must be one that sounds sweet on the surface but has lots more hidden meaning. . .sort of like a Beatle's song like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" or "Strawberry Fields"?

angelinabeadalina said...

Aha! Just saw your blog post, Deb! Thanks for the pick-me-up song!

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