Wednesday, January 28, 2009

P.S. And Then the Little Birdie Said I Oughtta Tell You About These Peeps!

So, I woke up to even more snow on the ground and to the sight of one of the cardinals actually sitting inside that funky globe of a bird feeder! Making eye contact with the cardinal was my first mistake. It was like the scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the one where Ferris is racing home on foot and crosses the road right into the path of his sister. They stare across the hood of the car she is driving. She narrows her eyes and slams her foot on the accelerator a split-second after he runs. Well, same thing for me and the cardinal, in a way. Soon as I made eye contact, it was a race to see whether I could even reach for the camera before that bird found his way out of the globe! Guess who won? Hint-- you don't see a picture of the cardinal in this post, do you?
What's a girl to do? Ahem, I heard that, and I am well aware that this time next week, this "girl" will already have turned 43, thank you very much. Now, back to the question. What's a girl to do? Well, one thing she'd like to do today is shine a spotlight on the sweethearts who left messages yesterday :)


Another thing I'd like to do is say a big THANK YOU to Capt. Elaine for passing along a blog award! Yep, the internet sure does a lot in the way of bringing us all together with people who share our interests! Isn't it great?


P.S. Here are some more peeps that little birdie told me you might enjoy:

Woohooooooooo! That oughtta keep ya entertained and happy for a while! Now, to figure out how to escape the Mommy-Brain Syndrome today and get some work done. With temperatures in the teens, the kiddos won't stay outdoors for very long at a time. Two snow days in a row is practically guaranteed to result in a few minor squabbles, don't ya know!


Deb said...

Hmmm Ang - Cardinals & Cat's must have a bit in common on that front!

Oh yesterday -lol! Now that was the day that I read everyone's blogs (had a lot of them open for quite some time in fact) & without fail every time I went to leave a comment, I would get interrupted by a kiddo!

My chair & my butt had the relationship of a yo-yo & a piece of string.

This time next week the kiddo's will already be back at please forgive me if I get a tiny wee, perhaps smidgeon sized, more excited about that than your Birthday (which I wish I known about earlier!)

angelinabeadalina said...

Wooohooo, Deb! Back to school is a terrific thing! I love my children, and I like an occasional snow day, but sheesh. I giggled at the yo-yo and piece of string analogy-- that so describes the situation :)

Hey, when I was going through my list of followers and putting their links in the post, I realized I'd missed the mailleman's picture of himself as a kiddo. How cute!

Okay, back to Mom-I-need-something-to-eat and He-hit-me-She-started-it, LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey ang do you have pic's of Joann's saw , thier here at maw & paws , they don't have any power . Just to let you know that cardanil is faster than you so you need to have that camara ready when you go to look

Stanley1 said...

Actually Angie, that pic is older than you... EVERYone was cute in those days.

On a different note, and in view of some of your recent posts, I thought you might be interested in this (and some of her other pix)

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, my word! Guinea feather earrings!! LOL, what a way to start out my day!

P.S. Of course, EVERYone was cute back in the "olden days" :)

belvedere beads said...

thanks for the great list! that should keep me busy for awhile.