Friday, January 16, 2009

Soak It Up

Every time I scan past this picture, the same sensation fleetingly crosses my mind. It is the sensation of warmth from laying your palm onto a piece of terra cotta that has been soaking up the sunlight.

Can you tell what season it was when this picture was taken? Early winter. My eyes see the purpled hen and chicks with some crinkled outer layers, but my brain sees a warm, sunlit flowerpot.

Feel it? Bet you don't even have to close your eyes to imagine it. If you are a gardener, you've picked up so many pots that you can feel the not quite smooth, barely bumpy, fairly interesting texture of this pot, just by looking at a picture or hearing the words "clay flowerpot" or "terra cotta". If you are a lover of gardens, you've trailed your fingers lightly across many a clay pot as you walked through gardens, stopping to admire everything from hardy hens and chicks to delicate impatiens.

Feel it? Bet the creative part of you doesn't even have to stop and think about it, you just feel it, soon as your eyes light upon the image. The artist in you, the lover of beauty, the soul who is appreciative of all the many varieties of color and texture made possible by Nature. . .the artist grabs this image and begins to play with it. You begin to mentally catalog the colors you like and don't like, the almost imperceptible differences in texture from top to bottom, the balance or imbalance of clay and plant and wood. Isn't it amazing how many of these vignettes our brains hold?

Life. Soak it up!


ellen said...

OMG!!! I can sooooooooo feel it. The roughness and warmth at the same time. I want to dive right in.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Now I'm going to wrap my hands around a mug of hot chocolate.

rosebud101 said...

Ang, great post! I love texture. I want the sun to be warm so I can plant some hens and chicks. I love to feel their "skins" since they are usually a bit cooler than the sun. Thanks for reminding me that spring is on the way!

Deb said...

Beautiful photo & a wonderful post Ang!

Ahh the warmth of that terra cotta underthe hand & that wonderful concentric circles of fleshy petals that so many of the succulents have. Love it!
I 'felt it' the second I saw this yesterday, yet I got distracted before commenting & then the rest of the day got in the way.