Friday, January 9, 2009

Thief! Cat Burglar!

Little thief! Little cat burglar! Momo has been climbing on one of my desks, weaving and slinking around glass goodies, nudging stray papers out of her path, and messing with my feathers and spirit stick in the jar by the window. See the pretty feather with the stripes? Yep, she stole it. Well, she attempted to steal it. She lost her grip, and the feather fell down behind the desk and couch. Ha! Good luck retrieving that, ya little feline fink, LOL. Next, she took that grassy looking pod thingy (don't ya love my technical terms?). Apparently, it must have been some sort of spot that little birds liked for perching because Momo the Great Bird Hunter snatched it from the jar and chewed it to pieces.
Sorry to just post a cute kitty getting into trouble pic and run, but I sorely need to straighten my "studio" and both of the desks here in the living room. I'm also carting home extra children after school today so they can all play. I got the three girls a purple Hot Wheels car apiece (the 97 cent car, in case you don't have that brand where you live) and the three boys an orange car apiece. So far, my idea is this: Girls on the purple team. Boys on the orange team. Each team member has a card of some sort with checkboxes. Each time they complete a task (hmmm, I'm thinking up stuff, but probably along the lines of an obstacle course or scavenger hunt), they check off the box. Some sort of road race theme to tie it all together. Hamburgers, fries, and soda (grape for the purple team, orange for the orange team) at the "diner" at the end of the race. Think I can fill a couple hours up with that? I'll let ya know how it goes :)


rosebud101 said...

Have fun, Ang! Let your creativity rule!

Ellen said...

OMG! You are SUCH a good mom. What's the occasion? If there isn't a special occasion and you're doing this - just cuz? Then you are the best mom walking the face of the earth at this very moment!!!

Deb said...

Will you adopt me? I want to play with purple & orange cars! (What a fab colour combo).

I wish Hot Wheels were that price here -lol!
Now who does Momo remind me of.....lemme think!
First stop feather & grassy pod looking stop birdies ;o)

Herc the jerk is chilled right across the maillemans lap as I type.
He can't - kitty in the way. lol!

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, anytime you need some Hot Wheels sent your way, let me know, Deb :) There actually was a rather nice metallic orange stripe down the side of one of the purple cars...very cool.

Well, we did have fun, Mallory, but Ellen is gonna have to be disappointed in me. . .somebody else is gonna have to take that award because, well, because: First, my son decided the whole thing was lame and then pitched a fit while his friend and friend's little brother were thrilled. Then, Kate attempted a mutiny. The other girls weren't thrilled with having to eat some vegetables with the burger and fries in order to earn sugar cookies for dessert, but they did enjoy the games and cars! Ah, what else? The diner idea got completely left out, except for the food. I ran out of orange duct tape for making the hopscotch-kinda-game on the deck, so both teams had a really easy hop, skip, and jump. Did you know duct tape comes in all different colors now? It made a terrific set of roads for the cars, but since I ran out of the orange, both sets of roads were awfully short. The kids had fun, though. Oh, and James' friend told him he should be glad for the fun and games and thank his mom, LOL...I like that kid :)

P.S. Ginger cats most definitely have some strange issues, do they not? Very loving, though, when they aren't turning the house upside down!

BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

Hahaa, Angie ... I'm glad that my "thief" is just interested in real food and not the decoration.

Anyway --- ... Momo looks like a wise cat. I'm sure she'll learn about the "real stuff" pretty soon ... :)

Meow, PEtra