Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Much I Know Is True :-)

  • Boys will be boys will be boys, especially when it comes to toys. Uncle Bubby was quite delighted to show James the car collection again this weekend. The difference this time is that James has started to really notice cars. Yesterday morning, he ran out of the house in sock feet to get a closer look at the car. Mind you, this is the car he has ridden in off and on since his birth. Mind you, it was still verrrrrrrry cold outside. Why did he run outside without his shoes? Because I had the car's trunk lid up and he had to see "if those are two different lights on the back of the car, Mom. Can't you see it? The red lights are on the bottom *and* on the trunk. That's sweeeeeet!" So, you can imagine James' newfound delight at the thought of getting to inspect the car collection in Uncle Bubby's room!
  • Time stands still in Michael's (or Hobby Lobby or any other craft store) and in Barnes & Noble. This is especially true if you do not have these types of stores in your hometown. Whenever I come to my parents' for a visit, I almost always end up going to Michael's and the bookstore, even if I can't think of a single thing I need. Today was one of those days, and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing all around Michael's, even though I walked out empty handed. Ah, the bookstore was nice, too. I snagged a book about labyrinths for $4. Can't wait to open that up and browse.
  • Winter is beautiful, really it is. I know that to be true, really I do. I'm trying to convince myself that I can stand a few more months of such beauty. I'll let you know how that goes...when I unthaw!
  • A bit of inspiration in the form of a colorful picture is always welcome! Check out Mallory's blog (For the Love of Beads, in the side bar) to see an awesome set of pictures of her lava lamp, as well as a creative challenge. Looks like fun!
  • When you start out by saying "this much I know is true," you will inevitably tick off your muse and not be able to think of all the important things you wanted to include in such a list, LOL. Guess that means tonight is a short one, folks! Hope you've each had a terrific weekend and that Monday treats ya right!


Deb said...

Ahhh - I know this much is true!
*Male bonding has no boundaries where anything that has wheels is concerned.
*Time would have to stand very still here - we have neither of those stores, nor anything that comes remotely near to Michaels. I think if I managed to get into either time would have to stand still for at least a year ;o)
*Winters IS beautiful photo's.
*Colour is what makes the world go round - if anyone tells you it is money they are telling fibs.
*What was that again???

LOL- the darn security word is 'scurry'

Ellen said...

A few more months of winter? I'm not sure I can stand it. I did, finally, find one good thing connected to winter. You get to stomp every time you enter a place. Helps with the frustration level.