Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Desk of Doom

All week long, I've been telling myself that this is *the* week to finally clean up the desk. All week long, I've put it off. Wanna take a tour of the dumpsite in question? Why not? I've got the time. The kids are asleep. The kitchen and bathroom have been cleaned. The cats have been fed and watered. The laundry is pretty well caught up. I don't have any new books to read. What else am I gonna do? Clean the desk?? Bwahahahahaha! I think we all know the answer to that question!

So, what have we here in this first slice of desk? Oops, I think that USPS box would be Lea Zinke's gift that I managed to mail to an old address. Instead of forwarding it, someone returned it to sender. I laid it on the desk so I'd remember to re-label it and re-send it. Sorry, Lea. . . now, I'm afraid if I move it, it'll dislodge something and send a whole stack out into the floor to be trod upon.

Second slice, anything nice? Well, yes, actually. There's Katie's kindergarten graduation cap. You can see two members of my Madonna and Child collection. The sculpture is one Aunt Carol found and graciously passed along to me. The other one is from my ex's grandmother. That Grandma was a hoot and a holler and I miss her. . . but I get a little visual hug from her every time I look at this print. Hey, look, there's my package of permanent markers, too! Those, I like. The pack beneath them is a variety pack of gel pens in all sorts of colors. Looked reallllllllllllllllllllly pretty in the package, write reallllllllllllllllllllly bumpy and lumpy in real life.

Alright, this problem explains my lack of organization motivation. See that rubber-maid container under the desk? You know, the one inside the hole where your chair is supposed to fit? Problem number 1-- I see that chair hole as a space that needs to be filled. Problem number 2-- that rubber-maid container is part of a three stack which is now sagging in another closet, for lack of support. Problem number 3-- I can fill up storage containers and stack them, but I can never seem to put them back in place once I remove an item. Apparently, the packrat gene includes a few such characteristics, so it's not really my fault, now is it?

Ha! If you believed that last line, then maybe I can tell you a few more stories about this last picture. Oh, sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh@#$#!! (why did my curse word suddenly take on an underline and color change, as if it is a link?? I didn't do that, folks, so if I were you, I wouldn't attempt to click that link! who knows where that would take you?) Pictures! There's an envelope with pictures in it, which reminds me that tomorrow is picture day at school for the kids. Oh, well, it's not the one for the yearbook. This is the springtime "see if we can guilt a bunch of parents into buying yet another set of overpriced but darling pictures in a single school year" picture session.
Oh, and one last observation. See that blue Wal-mart bag floating around in front of the desk? That's got to be an old one-- our Wally World has been using white bags for how long now, a year or two or three??
Hmmph. Yawn. No sense trying to do anything about it all now. Really ought to get to bed. Oh, darn, guess I can't clean the desk tonight. You think that's funny, don't you? Well, guess what? If anyone asks, you are aiding and abetting a known procrastinator by reading this, LOL. Uh-huh, if I didn't *have* to satisfy my readers, I could have been cleaning that desk. **snort** If you bought that one, I've got a bridge I need to talk to you about. . .


jons said...


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Laurie Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

I feel the same way about my workbench. But I put it all down to being part of the creative process. I can not be bothered with obsessive compulsive cleaning. I am an artist, darnit! ;)

Teresa said...

"You know, the one inside the hole where your chair is supposed to fit?"

A woman after my own heart :O)

DebiDeaux said...

a good procrastinator always has a good excuse,
a great procrastinator does not need an excuse.
Yes, I'm laughing but I shouldn't be. I'm not showing the world my desk. LOL

mona larson said...

hey sister chick...
missed my call
pop over see my love for u

moving the girls into their new house starting now...
all my love
ps.. monday.. x0x0x0

angelinabeadalina said...

THANK YOU, M :) Big, big, big smile on my face :) :) Tell the girls congrats on the new house! Talk to ya Monday

Teresa and Laurie :) :) Yep, that artist stereotype comes in handy!

Debi, all this time I thought I was the Grand Empress of the Procrastination Universe, but now I have something to strive toward-- no excuses :) I like that.

rosebud101 said...

Your desk looks better than mine right now! You go, girl!