Friday, February 27, 2009

Irvington Rocks! And They Do the Electric Slide, Too!

Irvington Rocks!
Irvington Grade School Talent & Patriotic Show 2009
Red, white, and blue decorations made by the students filled the stage at Irvington Grade School last night, and parents filled the folding chairs set out in the gym. We came to watch everyone from kindergarteners to eighth graders sing and tell us a patriotic story. When the "Americans We" narrative was done, we settled back for some talent show faire.
The first and second graders stationed themselves along a line of paper bag and popsicle stick log cabins, the third graders and up (but not all of the big kids?) manned the stage, and the kindergarteners marched in carrying American flags. We listened as the students on the stage read about American history and sprinkled the narrative with songs.
Great job from all the Irvington Grade School crew!

After a bit of microphone adjusting and popcorn eating, aka intermission, the talent show began with lots of singing acts, a dancing duo, and more guitars than a rock'n'roll concert.

Kate even did a solo on her guitar! Pretty brave for a six year old, don't ya think? The whole story behind her appearance is one of those that makes a parent sigh and say "all's well that ends well." She played her original composition (ie, she's never had a lesson and won't listen to her father try to teach her some chords, so she got up there and strummed to her heart's content for about a minute and a half), and she took a big bow at the end. The smile on her face was priceless! I caught it and the high five with her friend Angel on the videocamera which I was juggling with the regular camera.

The finale was a great big bunch of kids, parents, and teachers doing the electric slide. Lots of the younger kiddos jumped in and tried to learn it along the way, too. James picked up on it pretty good, but I never did catch a pic of his face while he was dancing-- he was too busy concentrating to look up at mom.
Well, I need to slide along myself. Gots things to do, things to do! Hope your Friday rocks!


Ellen said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.
I love that Kate has the gumption to get up there and do her "thang."

rosebud101 said...

Go, Irvington!

Deb said...

Looks like a great evening Ang. Bravo Kate - getting up there & doing your solo act. What a girl!!

Maggie said...

What a great school your kids go to! Precious Kate, hope she keeps her self confident spirit as she grows.


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