Friday, February 20, 2009

Kids, Glass, Etc. . .

Kid #1
Cool guitar shirt from the most recent shopping trip with Grandma
Currently obsessed with cars, especially anything made by Chevy
Not so crazy about his new glasses BUT likes being able to read car names more easily
Made a new career path decision-- gonna be a car designer
Played Star Wars with Jacob, Dylan, and Justin this afternoon

Kid #2
Insists she knows how to play guitar
Won't let Daddy or anyone else show her some chords
Plays for Mommy, who is tone deaf and not much good for constructive criticism
Wearing favorite hoodie t-shirt from Aunt Barb yet again
Considers Momo and Moochie to be her children. . .very furry children :)

Glass Sculpture #4719
Okay, I don't really know what number this one is
My new favorite
"When I walk into a room, heads are gonna be turning and hearts are gonna be burning..."
Reason #7,337,487 why I like melting glass :)
Happy Friday Night!
We're watching a movie on Disney and drawing pictures.


Ellen said...

I love that sculpture and your kids crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liquid said...

Ang the newest creation is beautiful, like an Earth Mother emerging from the Sea. Love your kids too. Your posts bring a smile to me. Thanks.


she is so so so beautiful....
mona & the girls

rosebud101 said...

Great kids and a fabulous sculpture!

Diana Ferreira said...

Oh Ang, I just love her. I think I need to bribe you ...

Slyinog - a hog that is sadly no more ...

Diana Ferreira said...

Ooh, and I forgot to mention - beautiful kids!

Anker - a heavy thing that goes plonk in the water when the ship wants to stop sailing. btw - that is an Afrikaans word!