Wednesday, February 18, 2009

$pitball $urvival $ale!!

$pitball $urvival $ale!!

Yep, that's what I'm calling it! "Spitball Survival Sale" in honor of me surviving my first day back at subbing in over ten years. Yep, got myself back on the list for substitute teaching, but I sure wasn't expecting to get a call so soon. . .and I have to say IT WAS A FUN DAY :) Irvington Grade School junior high kids, you rock! All of you made me proud today! You listened, you really listened! I especially enjoyed 6th grade math and 5th grade math because all of you paid attention and jumped right in to the discussion!

Having been a sub in what seems another lifetime ago, I know a few things about what kids try to pull when the real teacher is away for the day. For instance, there are almost always a couple of kids who want to switch identities for the day. This used to really throw me for a loop, but now I just figure they'll end up tattling on each other before the day is out. Besides that, unless they get the exact same score on a pop quiz, one of them is going to be slightly unhappy about the whole name-switching bit and want to set the record straight :) A few other things to expect include "honest" answers to the tune of "of course, Mrs. Smith lets us drink sodas in the classroom!" and "Don't worry, we don't have to wait for the bell to ring before we leave." Yeah, yeah, nice try kid.

You do understand how I know some of these things involves not only my substitute teaching experience, right? You guessed it-- I never shied away from the let's make the substitute batty games when I was a kid! Although, now that I am writing this, I swear I couldn't tell you one single particular thing we did to the subs. I think it usually involved the class clowns acting extra ignorant about what to do on assignments, the "bad" kids going out of their way to cause trouble(you know there were always two or three in the class who were constantly wearing down a path to the principal's office, whether or not it's considered politically correct to say that anymore), and the rest of us, the "good" kids, driving the sub crazy with smart remarks and arguments. I remember feeling powerful enough to eat a sub for breakfast and spit them out, and I was a good kid. FYI-- kids can smell fear, and they feed on it!
I'd love to tell you about seventh grade, the peak of mine and my classmates' teacher intimidation tactics, but I'm afraid I'll hurt someone's feelings if they run across this (of course, this never stopped me before now, because I'm always telling this story). Suffice it to say one teacher was soon moved to my little brother's third grade class, another returned to law school and later became a judge (I think our class can take a great deal of credit for that swerve in her career path, LOL), and the third one walked in the door and said, "I'm Coach Gardner, and I'm not leaving so you guys better straighten up." He stuck with us, too. We could tell he liked us and he liked teaching. There wasn't much point in trying to run him away!
Hooooooooboy, that's another whole essay right there-- all the teachers, the really great teachers, who made a huge impact on our lives! There were many before Coach came along in seventh grade. Opal Howard, I can still see you leaning back against your desk, brushing the lint off your pant leg, and saying, "These pants! Attract everything except money and men!" We thought that was so funny, hearing a grownup say something like that, and we adored you because you didn't treat us like little bitty kids. You told us how smart we were, and you treated us like young adults. Anna Catherine Mattingly, I still say my Katherine should have to spend one school year in your classroom. . .you'd love her, you'd get exasperated, and in the end, she'd consider you a saint. Ah, yes, the really great teachers.
So, just because I'm in a mood to sale-e-brate feeling like a good teacher today, just because I'm giddy because no spitball wars erupted on my watch, just because I like writing the word "spitball," I'm having a $PITBALL $URVIVAL $ALE in both my Etsy and ArtFire shops! Click on the shops right over there in the sidebar------> When you make your purchase, write "SPITBALL" in the message to the seller, and I'll send you a revised invoice for 25% off your purchase!
****Sale good from right this minute until 11:59p.m. Sunday, March 1st****


Deb said...

WoW Ang - many a true word spoken in jest at just after midnight - huh? lol!

Pleased to hear that you had a fabulous day back subbing! What a great start. I know you'd be a wonderful teacher - just as wonderful as those that you have recalled.

Hope the $pitball $urvival $ale goes great for you. If our NZ$ wasn't so abysmal against the US$ - I'd be helping you celebrate.

Anonymous said...

You would not have it so easy being a sub in my class !!!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Deb, it was funny when that phone rang, and yes, the "word spoken in jest" phrase did flit across my mind :)

Ahem, Anonymous, would your "class" involve power tools and building things and supervising? If so, then don't forget, I have first aid training and also know how to drive accident-prone workers to the ER if necessary :)

Maggie said...

Glad it was such a good day! When I was in sixth grade someone would always hide the sub's keys in the fish bowl. Funny I don't remember anything about the fish but that.

Would love to have you as a sub in my classroom. Not many subs can teach 6th grade math. Even the kids who hate math usually ask me to reteach any sub math lesson.

Ellen said...

So glad you lived to tell. You're a much braver woman than me.


it will be a 1st ...
they will remeber the sub when their all grown up.. like us hehe

expect that call tomorrow...
damn headache... ouch....
mona & the girls

rosebud101 said...

Now, how cool is that? I'm glad to be finished with teaching. I never look back, but I wish you well with your subbing! Just don't let it cut into your torching time!