Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pixelize It. . .and Where Do You Stand on The Dire Straits?

Listen to 'em. Bet that's gonna have you dancing across the living room. Try not to howl too loudly if you're at work, okay?
I have no earthly idea what this song has to do with today's picture, except that as soon as I pixelized this pic and cropped it, "Money for Nothing" started playing in my head and I could just see that gruff guy in his workclothes saying, "Now, that's the way you do it."
So, where do you stand? Like Dire Straits? Hate them? Don't think you've ever heard of them?
Happy Hump Day!


Deb said...

Now that is one very cool pixelated pic chick!

Money for nothing & your chicks for free - hmmmmm!
It seems years ago really, walk of life, sultans of swing ...oh & twisting by the pool - lol! Love 'em, hate em - I'm not sure - they were just there, y'know? There enough to get me up on the dance floor anyway ;o)

Oh crapola - it WAS years ago!!

Ellen said...

They came after Motown, right? That's why nothing sounds familiar.

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, yeah,Ellen, but not not that many years after Motown. . .and that scares me to think the 80's are now oldies, too!!

As for the love/hate/notsure thing, Deb, I tend to agree. Something just made me think of them.

Stanley1 said...


How can you NOT love them? Mark Knopfler inspired many budding musicians in the day (and no, I'm not one of them). Just yesterday I had the car stereo cranked to almost teenage level with Money for Nothing on the radio.

Aren't we lucky to have at least one station that will play such true classics - I'm almost tempted to break out my CDs (but wont because "break" COULD become prophetic LOL)


angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, I feel the beginnings of a new post coming on. . .something about sharing (or not sharing) the radio when certain songs or band play, LOL.