Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turn Your (Transistor) Radio On. . .

Well, the tornado and snoring story reminded Carol of listening to the weather on the transistor radio. If that sentence didn't make any sense at all to you, then you were probably born long after I graduated from high school. If you want to amuse your friends and annoy your parents with references to the "olden days," read on, child, read on :)

Here's my list of things that would baffle my children, my list of things that bring a smile to me now even though I probably gave them no heed one way or the other at the time:

  • trying to tune in a transistor radio to a station you liked, instead of just the station nearest to you
  • can't carry the phone all over the house (much less out of the house and into the car) because it is connected to the wall with a cord
  • imagining a black in white television show in real color
  • having to wait for the weather reports to come on the radio or television, even during a major storm
  • rolling a sheet of paper into a typewriter
  • hating, hating, hating to make a mistake on that paper because correcting it either meant messing with various fluids and tapes or ripping the paper out and starting all over
  • sitting under a hair dryer, curlers poking you in the back of the neck and pins falling out every time you bump the hood of the dryer
  • rolling down the windows in the car
  • scribbling with an ink pen until it starts to write (and no, I don't go back as far as quills and inkpots, Bubby!)
  • wondering if someone called while you were away from the house
  • practicing your handwriting in school (don't laugh-- the other day, a teacher told me some schools don't even teach cursive any more!)
  • being excited to see the Sears and Penney's Christmas catalogs arrive in the mailbox

I know there are more things to add to this list. . .but apparently, I am ancient and my memory doesn't function well. Help me out here :) What can you add to the list?


Sweetwater Designs said...

hey miss phenomenal woman, I can't believe you never used a quill and inkpot! :)
I think turning a cassette over to hear the other side would baffle my kids..

Lisa Rippee said...

How about those eight-tracks? These days, one could probably store a dozen CDs in the space those babies took up. :)

Teresa said...

Hey Ang, wow, what a blast from the past today! How about partylines, having to make sure your neighbors weren't already using the line before you could make a call.

Having only 3-4 tv channels to choose from and having ALL the channels sign off at midnight!

Or having to do research in an actual library instead of just surfing,. You know, I've noticed that my handwriting skills are really slipping, my hands get tired when I do much writing. How sad!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

How about no seat belts or car seats and going on a Sunday Drive, just for something to do?!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

How about, walking to the store, and picking up coke bottles along the way, turning them in when you arrived and getting $.02 for each one, on a good day, you'd find 10 bottles and have enough for an 8oz Coke for $.05 and a BIG Baby Ruth bar for $.15... small candy bars (like the one sold today) were only a nickle.
Or getting up on a Saturday morning, leaving the house, and playing all day with your friends, no cell phone, no beeper, no black berry... going home only when hungry or hurt and nobody was worried about you and you had FUN.

rosebud101 said...

I refuse to comment on the grounds that my children are older than I am!

3 Peeps Designs said...

My parents gave my daughter a cassette with bedtime stories on it when she was 4... It only took 1 time of listening to it before she had the tape pulled out in a pile on the floor.... How did we ever manage?

angelinabeadalina said...

Eight tracks, winding cassettes back up by sticking a pencil in one of the holes when they'd been destroyed,gathering up the coke bottles before heading to the store, the color stripes on the tv channel after they signed off the air, drives "just because"...all of it was fun to remember! Thanks for playing along, everyone!

P.S. Mallory, we will excuse you from the reminiscing exercise, LOL

Deb said...

LOL - now this is a blast from the past. I'd have to add;
Putting a record on the record player ;o)
Looking under the hood of a car & actually knowing what I was looking at!
Riding a real bike....without gears.
Walking to the corner store with pocket money & being able to buy a bag of mixed candy for 5 cents....& getting to choose all the candies that were 4 for 1 cent!

Sharon Driscoll said...

When the McDonald's came to town and a complete meal was called the 37 cent special. Hamburger, Coke, and French Fries. Who, and what about the baby doll dresses?

Anonymous said...

Dialing the telephone.
Telephone ringing sounded like a bell.
Stores where the cashier keyed in the prices by hand.
Stores where they wrote the receipt by hand.
Signing out library books with that kerchunking machine.
TV antennaes.

rosemarie h. said...

Getting up to change the channel on the tv.
S&H Green stamps and whatever those yellow stamps were...
Instamatic cameras.
Flash cubes.
Film and slide projectors - in your home.
Wrist watches that you had to wind every day.