Sunday, February 15, 2009

Uh, Mom?

"Uh, Mom? Could we get a little privacy, please? Our Webkinz are having a concert, and we don't really need you peeking inside the door."
Oh, no, sister, you didn't! This? From the child who once tried to sit in my lap while I went to the potty? The child who can never go to sleep unless she is convinced I am also asleep (and therefore, she's not missing out on anything)? The child who feels free to ask the details of any conversation I have on the phone? The child who digs through my craft desk, claiming this and asking for that and just generally being nosy? Heehee, yep, that's the child.
Okay, okay, before my brother and sister bust a gut or choke on the laughter. . . I admit, like mother, like daughter. I don't recall ever following Mother to the bathroom, though. Still, one of the things I naturally do as soon as I step inside the door of my parents' home is start the reconnaisance operation. "This is cute! Where'd ya get it?" "Hey, can I borrow a pair of socks (alright, I don't always ask)?" There's also a good chance that I will follow my mother from room to room, occasionally asking "Whatcha doing?" just to make sure she hasn't forgotten I'm there :)
Ah, but back to the munchkins and their request for privacy, LOL. To use a few southernisms, "Well, I declare!" and "Lawdamercy, them children!" How could I possibly not hover around the doorway after being informed that I was intruding upon their privacy? Not to mention, they had turned the bookshelf/headboard of the waterbed into the Webkinz stage and were walking (yes, walking) on the waterbed like it was a sidewalk instead of a big balloon full of water that we don't want on the bedroom floor. Uh, huh, little girl and young man, looks like Mom is going to be checking on you for a few more years! Lest anyone worry that I smother the munchkins with too much protective attention, please know that they get plenty of chances to just be kids. . . how else would I know that my daughter can climb to the top of the landlord's very nice evergreen tree that grows on the other side of our garage? If you're a parent or aunt or uncle or teacher or anyone who watches kids grow up, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, don't you? It's that balance between letting kids learn how to deal with life and not letting them fall off a cliff in the process. You do a whole lot of holding your breath until they reach the next step safely!
Yeah, but the whole, "Uh, Mom? Can we have a little privacy?" thing is too much like a dare or challenge that I have to take. Double-d0g-dare me, and I'm going to hover. Gleefully, I might add :)


Liquid said...

beadalina girl, your munchkin is most adorable and I am so smiling and joyful today to have shared a part of your life. Your post brought me happiness.

angelinabeadalina said...

Hiya, Kare :) Hope your Monday is a great one!