Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Warning: Don't Feed the Junk Monster

You know, ever since I read the comments on yesterday's "Can It! Just Can It!" post, I've been fighting the urge to say, "Yes! Please, oh, please, yes! I'll take some scrap soda cans from South Africa, Mich!"

Here is where I have to insert the megaphone voice to boom out a warning: Michelle Gebhardt, back away from the Junk Monster. Move slowly, and do not rattle junk until you are no longer within earshot of the Junk Monster.

Ohmyword, Mich, do you know how much those cans will cost me in family jokes about my penchant for collecting junk? I can hear it now, "AnFaye couldn't even find enough junk to drag home from this continent! She had to have some shipped from all the way around the world!"

Seriously, I don't know whether or not customs lets empty cans come into the country. Anybody else know? More importantly, do you think a few full cans of Dr. Pepper would survive the trip in the opposite direction, and would your customs let them in?

Ohmyword, myword, I can still hear the snorts and giggles about me and my junk collection from all around the world! Some of you know from experience what a junk hound I can be, don't you? What's bad is the proportion of junk piles to the actual number of pieces of junk that have been used to date. I justify this by saying that each particular piece of junk is just patiently waiting for the right sculpture. . . and I gleefully dig through the piles of all sorts of different metal castoffs each time I need to "find just the right something for this sculpture."

Guess what I used today? One of those Dr. Pepper cans you saw in the picture yesterday! Here's what my piddling around has learned me so far today:

  • Yes, you can use a regular hole punch on a piece of soda can.

  • That really thin craft wire you can get at the discount store makes a suitable thread for aluminum fabric.

  • Uh, huh, I think that stitch I did was pretty much a blanket stitch, except for all the extra kinks in my metal "thread".

  • By the way, the cheap scissors you buy for kids' school supplies will cut aluminum can "fabric" with a lot more comfort than a pair of tin snips. Ask me and my aching hands how I discovered that one!

  • Galvanized hardware cloth can be shaped by bending and twisting and pinching squares together. At least, I've gotten a few crude curves out of it. I can see the potential, though! Have you ever seen those sculptures someone makes from chicken wire? Same principle, I think (except those chicken wire sculptures are amazing!! ya gotta google that sometime and see).

  • I am truly a doofus who does too many things the hard way. After fussing around, covering my stand with plastic, thinking about how to cut out the hardware cloth in order to fashion a body and legs and arms, after a bunch of stewing about how-to-do-it, THEN I realized I don't have to use the hardware cloth for all of an armature. Duh. It will work really well for places where I want to mix aluminum can fabric and plaster, but why would I try to do all of the armature that way? It isn't going to show from underneath the parts that are all plaster, right? Like I said, I am truly a doofus sometimes.

  • Momo the kitten is scared to be outdoors for very long by herself. Just thought I'd throw that in here with the rest of the stuff I've learned today. Poor little kitten, I never did figure out what the problem was, so I let her back in the breezeway and opened the window so she could at least enjoy today's warm weather from her perch on the windowsill.

Well, toodles for now, everyone!


rosebud101 said...

I'm going through my junk, Ang. If I find anything decent, I'll send it to you!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

LOL, Ang!! You're probably right. :))

Hmmm, I was thinking I should search the Rosebank African Market for you sometime for a piece of art that the locals do here out of recylced cans. Alternatively just sending you cans to make your own art would be cool too. Hmmmm, maybe both. LOL - now I'm rambling.


angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, Mallory, feed the junk monster, and it might follow you home!

Mich, that would be so cool, even to see pictures! You know what I stumbled on last night while googling aluminum was aluminum can art-- but I had to stop myself because I want to figure out what I want to do on my own. OMG, when I googled just the right set of words, I found a list that had an entire book of can art projects, and just the picture on the cover was informative! I read a Peace Corps tutorial on how to make and cover a small wooden box in aluminum cans. . .that's cool because I've been thinking I should get up the nerve to make a birdhouse and then cover it. Anyway, now I'm rambling, LOL. I need to go back to bed, it's only 2:36am here. Night-nighty, everyone :)

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Dang Ang,
My house is filled with junk. Come visit, bring the kids and a BIG truck. I can fill you up quickly- and it's good stuff too. I've got room and Spring Break hasn't been booked yet.


Ellen said...

Don't I remember you talking about moving? If that happens, are the piles 'o junk going with you?

Liquid said...

you made me laugh today! Love you and your blog.